Tried And Tested Dropshipping Software Solutions Seasoned Entrepreneurs Use


Let me guess: You’re pretty sold with the dropshipping business-model, aren’t you?

And because you’re here, I’m guessing that you aren’t satisfied with your store’s performance, thinking that there must be other tools that you can use to streamline your business process.

Well, you certainly hit the nail on the head. There are, in fact, several tools you can use to streamline your dropshipping operations. And in this guide, I’m going to share with you some of the tried and tested tools that seasoned dropshippers can’t live without.

Let’s hop right in.

1. Oberlo

As far as dropshipping solutions go, Oberlo is the absolute best!

No one can say for sure just how many products the Oberlo Marketplace gives you access to, but their product provider/product selection is astounding.

A quick search for watches produced over 10,000 options.

Oberlo has been around since 2015, and they’ve managed to become one of the biggest eCommerce solutions — for a good reason.

Here are just a few reasons why you need to use Oberlo to help with your dropshipping business needs.

Oberlo Works With Shopify Seamlessly

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. And Oberlo is built to work exclusively with them.

All you have to do is connect your Shopify store to the Oberlo extension and start searching for products. Once you’ve found the product you want, you click on the “Import to store” button and all the information you need is imported into your store – that’s it.

And, if the product and/or supplier changes their pricing, you’ll get an alert so that you can change the prices as well.

Oberlo Does The Research On The Suppliers For You

Dropshipping has always had a “dark side” that many eCommerce sellers like you dread Suppliers that aren’t dependable and trustworthy. However, Oberlo now has a supplier categorization that will help give you the peace of mind that you need.

Oberlo may tag a supplier as an “Oberlo Supplier” or an “Oberlo Verified Supplier”. An Oberlo Supplier is a supplier that has been tested, and they’ve proven that they can be trusted by delivering products on time, without any major issues.

An Oberlo Verified Suppliers are suppliers that have proven themselves as the “best of the best” and that Oberlo is willing to put their own reputation on.

When using these suppliers, you shouldn’t have any problems on your own eCommerce store with delivery times being outlandish or products not being what they ordered.

Oberlo Shows You Sales Metrics On Any Product

As a seller, you’ll want to know what’s “hot.” Oberlo offers product statistics to help you see if the product you want to sell is being imported into other stores and if it has been selling.

As you can see in the screenshot above, this watch has only been imported into one other eCommerce store and has yet to sell.

You could see a great opportunity to get in before everyone else does or you could stay away due to unfavorable selling statistics — this is a great metric to help make decisions easier.

Oberlo Is Your Ultimate Go-to Resource for Dropshipping

If you are new to dropshipping and are looking for an ultimate guide to get you up-to-speed at how the business model works, know that Oberlo is brimming with dropshipping guides and materials that you can look into.

From setting up your website to promoting your online store, to finding your winning products — you will find videos and materials in Oberlo to help you better strategize how to run your dropshipping store.

2. Recommendify

You’ve got the website …

You’ve got the products …

You’re making a few sales …

But you’re only selling 1 or 2 items per transaction.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sell 5+ items per customer instead of 1 or 2?

It feels great when you get emails for new orders, but your total at the end of the day is so bleak. Is there something you can do to boost your daily sales total?


Recommendify is another great tool to use on your eCommerce store. It is designed to increase customer engagement, product purchases, and satisfaction – and boost your profits. In fact, up to 31% of a stores revenue can be attributed to personalized product recommendations.

And Recommendify works with both Oberlo and Shopify – WIN!

Make Your Customers Hand You Their Money Using Recommendify

Once a customer has clicked on a product, you’ve got their attention. Now, what you do with them next is what matters.

If they add the item to your cart, great! Have you shown them other items that others purchase with that item? If they don’t like the item, do you have something else similar to it that they may be interested in? Maybe they didn’t like the color? Do you have another color?

If you want your customer to hand you their money, give them a reason – using Recommendify. Recommendify was built to “recommend” or nudge your customers into buying. And they can recommend products to your customers in multiple ways.

a.) Related Products

Using a special algorithm, Recommendify will analyze your inventory and determine the products that match what the customer is looking at.

Recommendify will then show the customer other possible options in an effort to get the “Add to Cart” click you want.

b.) Cart Recommendations

By analyzing previous orders, and finding certain buying patterns, Recommendify can suggest other products to your customer based on previous customer purchases.

Your customer may not have even considered the item, but now that they see it … it’s time to add that item too.

c.) Hand-Picked Recommendations

And finally, if you want to add your own personal recommendations to specific products, you can.

Maybe you want to clear out some old stock, make sure it shows up on every recommended page. The more eyes you get on a product, the more likely you’ll sell it.

There’s More Out There – Show Them With Recommendify

So, even though your customer only searched for “mens watches,” that doesn’t mean that’s all they are interested in.

Recommendify will suggest other products that they might be interested in. And they are 5.5 times more likely to buy from you if they click on one of the suggestions. If you want to increase your sales, you need Recommendify.

3. Abandonment Protector

And finally, there’s nothing more upsetting than finding out you have customers leaving with items in their cart.

Would you believe that 67.45% of customers walk away with items in their online cart? So why would a customer just walk away like that?

Maybe it is because of they:

  • Got distracted
  • Researching reviews
  • Looking for a better price
  • Decided to wait

Whatever the reason, they left – BUT, they were interested! So, you need to connect with them again and nudge them towards completing the purchase.

That’s where the Abandonment Protector can help! The Abandonment Protector is designed to work with Shopify and will help to reduce your abandoned carts and increase your profits. It only takes a few minutes to set up using their online guide.

Once set up, it will look for any abandoned carts and it will send out friendly reminders that the customer still has items in a cart ready for purchase. This simple nudge can be all it takes.

What Does Abandonment Protector Do To Remind The Customer?

Abandonment Protector uses two methods to recapture your “lost” customer.

a.) Using Popups

When a customer tries to leave your website, the Abandonment Protector tries to stop them. A popup will be displayed with a coupon code to try to save the deal.

63% of consumers said they would use more coupons if they were available – are you making them available?

Sure, you are discounting your product, but you were about to lose the sale completely. Would you like to lose 10% or 100%?

b.) Using Emails

If the customer went through the process of adding the items and filling out their shipping information, you’re almost set.

But for some reason, they still left… Abandonment Protector will send out a gentle reminder that they have items still waiting in their cart on your website. In most cases, this nudge is all that is needed.

But, if that gentle nudge didn’t work, Abandonment Protector will keep trying to recapture your “lost” customer. While you don’t want to lose any customers, that’s just not possible. But if your customer is sitting on the fence, trying to make the decision to click on the purchase button, the Abandonment Protector app can help them make the leap.

And at $8/month, the Abandonment Protector app is a steal. In fact, you’ll make that back in profits from one recaptured customer. If you want to maximize your eCommerce store profits, you have to include the Abandonment Protector app in your store toolbox.

Final Thoughts

The dropshipping business is a great way to make a living, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. And while your store might be underperforming, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Each of the tools discussed above – Oberlo, Recommendify, and Abandonment Protector – will help your store to stop underperforming. Oberlo can help you identify the hot sellers and trending products.

Recommendify can help you add a few more options for your customers. And Abandonment Protector can remind customers that they have some unfinished business left to do – such as buy your products. For a dropshipping, eCommerce store, these tools are GOLD. If you aren’t using them, your competitors are.

If you don’t like losing to your competitors, then these tools are options – they are essential!