Top-Notch Ecommerce Website Features You Must Have [Infographic]


While no one particular source can serve as the definitive guide to all ideal eCommerce features, this one gets pretty close.

This infographic lists 72 essential eCommerce features which ensure a top-notch functional site in today’s competitive landscape. It is a pathway of its time and should only help inform the next evolution in website structure, aesthetic taste, and nonnegotiable efficiency.

It follows the natural progression of the visitor whom we only seek to advance into a paying customer and drive conversions eventually. The easier said than done skepticism may have caused to make the breakthroughs we desire, but over here:

  • The homepage’s inviting nature, precise navigation
  • Header-footer having just the right and necessary volume of information
  • Additional benefits section with class-competitive features

Without giving out too much information or too little, just enough to hit ideal retention numbers, cause the would-be purchaser to:

  • Dive into a category page
  • View the diverse availability of products
  • Apply tailored filters to hit optimized results

Allow a visitor to then click on the desired product page to:

  • Enjoy product specificity results
  • Seamless access product information in regards to description, price, stock status and reviews to name a few
  • Take a quick glance at related products to further aid the visitor into making a clear decision

Point towards the inevitable checkout page where:

  • Cart details
  • Price
  • Shipment information
  • Promo codes and other essential features

Create a self-contained page, as the previous ones are, all one after the other, to craft the perfect ecommerce site we all aspire to operate.

Moreover, following the content is king mantra, an ecommerce site must acknowledge it is in the people business.

This is where the blog section makes its mark. You do not simply generate revenue in a mechanical way; it is through the passageway into the hearts and minds of the visitors which enabled prolonged conversion rates, retention figures, and successful outreach & recruitment.

The copy must be personable, informative and be the one-stop solution center visitors seek upon opening their browsers.

In addition to these elements, one must not assume their work is done. The prospective site may appear ready to function but in order to be competitive and class-leading one cannot forget the irreplaceable functionalities of:

  • Backend features
  • Responsive design
  • Security
  • Site speed and
  • Compatibility

Among others which establish the unique brand of control, implementation of changes and overseeing of innovative optimization which we all wish to possess.

Take a look at the infographic below for an in-depth view into what makes eCommerce sites work and why yours might be lagging behind.

Featured Image & Infographic Source: WebAlive