Reasons Why Live Chat Support Can Replace Emails and Phone Calls

In this modern era, a lot of customers have migrated to e-Commerce facilities. You will come across thousands of millions of online shoppers. All these users are your potential customers. Unfortunately, a considerable number of customers feel disconnected from the brand. They claim that answers to all their questions are offered late.

If you want your customers to stay attached to your online shopping page, you must offer real-time and precise information. This is when live chat software comes into the picture. Instead of watching your hard earned customers walk away from your page, use live chat support to keep them engaged.

Top Tip: Live chat support is adding more value to businesses. Undeniably, live chat support is a way of keeping customers connected to your website.

What makes live chat special would be the steady flow of answers. At all times, customers will be able to find answers from your site. This is definitely a benefit for both the customer and the company.

When compared to emails and phone calls, live chat software is an immediate solution for all customers. The turnaround time is less than a minute. Whereas, the average turnaround time of emails can be as high as two days. And, it can take hours before a customer connects with your team through phone calls.

Top Tip: Live chat software is a way of improving your business and optimizing its effectiveness.

How Can Live Chat Software Replace Phone Calls and Emails?

#1 Real-Time Support

A study performed by Forrester Research revealed that:

All e-Commerce users look for answers at some point or the other. They have questions about delivery time, quality of the product, availability, offers, coupons, and more. An automated software or a late email cannot help them. During a live shopping session, it is important to have live support. More than 40% of customers feel satisfied when they have a live person to talk to. This increases the chances of the customer making a buy.

What a live chat software provides is an immediate source of help. The waiting time is extremely less in comparison to phone calls or emails. During the wait, customers can even multi-task. The pain in dialing numbers between 1 to 800, answering a maze of automated questions and then waiting endlessly for a person is not present in online live chat systems.

Customer studies on why live chat software can replace emails and phone calls suggest that:

1) 63% of customers who are satisfied through online live chat are likely to return.

2) 62% of customers are likely to buy again.

3) 44% of customers were able to make a purchase or sign a deal because of online support.

#2 Online Live Chat Software is Less Expensive

Over the years, online methods have become famous due to its cost-effective nature. Online live chat software has demonstrated that it can cut down phone and time expenses consistently.

So, what happens when your call center employees spend fewer hours on calls?

The moment employees are free from lengthy phone calls they can start to multi-task. This is an opportunity only online live chat support offers. As they communicate with a customer, they can initiate another chat. This brings down the length of the waiting queue. A recent survey claims that the queue size can be brought down to 1/3rd of the former length. Also, this increases the likelihood of selling a product.

Customer study on how live chat support cuts down expenses says:

1) Live chat cuts down costs by improving interaction rate and reducing the average cost of interaction

2) The overall efficiency of live chat representatives is increased. They can tackle multiple chats simultaneously. Thus, the company doesn’t have to hire several representatives.

#3 Improved Sales

All businesses make drastic decisions to improve sales. This is a general trend everywhere. Whether you read blogs or analyze forums, you will notice that businesses want strategies that can boost sales. And, recent blogs and forums ascertain that live chat support improves sales figures drastically.

The golden thumb rule to customer care is having a skilled person to walk with the customer. If the customer is confused or puzzled with questions, the representative must resolve it as soon as possible. The role played by the representative is “breaking or making” sales. When the representative does an immediate and a good job, customers will definitely make it to the checkout. Undeniably, this means profit for the business.

Cory Miller, the website designer of iThemes ensures on live chat support for all his business ventures. That is because live chat support has improved his sales figures drastically. Miller is able to keep customers engaged. Also, he invests in representatives who can understand the potential customer’s needs and guide them. The representatives are able to recommend purchases to the right customer at the right time.

Study on how live chat support improves sales, says:

1) Wells Fargo shifted to online chat support in the year 2008. This was the company’s second run. This time Walls Fargo made success by driving better, happier sales.

2) Wells Fargo’s sales figures were double-digit. This is because shoppers were able to understand the value of every product from the company.

#4 An Edge

Live chat support can give your brand an edge in the industry. TELUS revealed that many top players in the retail industry are not providing chat facilities. These industries will not enjoy an edge in the market. The key to successful websites is having live chat. This is not an exaggeration. But, a clear overview of the industry we live in.

Customer study on how live chat offers better sales, says:

1) 10 live chat support experts can boost sales in holiday shopping websites by 75%.

2) Live chat facilities can convert sales figures from 50 to 75 percent by just chatting.

Bottom Line…

If you’ve been dependent on phones and emails to take in customer queries, then it’s time you move away from them to interact better. You’ve been spending on executives who look after the questions left by customers. But how long is it possible for you to continue with this trend? The guess is not for long.

It’s time you prepare to integrate a live chat software that helps you take care of your customers hassle-free. In the coming years, live chat will replace emails and phone calls. So, train your time, analyze peak shopping hours and never be robotic in answering questions.

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