The Power Of Great Customer Service

Customer service matters more now than ever before. In fact, MarTech Advisor called 2019 “The Year of the Customer.” Make sure your business prioritizes how your customers feel before, during, and after every interaction. Learn about some ways you can strengthen your business with great customer service.

Stand Out from Your Competition

No matter what niche you do business in, you have competitors. With all of the marketing noise online, the quality of your product alone may not be enough to stand out. You need customers who believe in your brand and can help catch other customers’ eyes.

Online reviews and rankings offer some of the clearest examples of this approach. Increasingly, online platforms such as Amazon and Yelp allow visitors to filter businesses and products if they have less than a four-star rating. If your business has 3.9 stars, significantly fewer viewers will see what you have to offer. Make positive reviews, five-star experiences, and incentives for customer reviews part of your business plan.

Build Repeat and Recurring Revenue

Generating and converting new leads is an expensive process for everyone. The leads you already have and have successfully sold to are some of the most valuable assets you have. Persuading a first-time customer to become a second-time customer takes much less time, effort, and money than converting a visitor into a new customer.

According to Constant Contact, repeat customers are likely to spend 300% more money on average. You can tap into this revenue source by building educational and informational content rather than promotions only, making sure your customers have satisfactory experiences, and resolving problems they have even after they’ve paid for their items.

Engage Shoppers From the Start for Faster Lead Conversion

You need to engage with your online visitors to make them loyal to you. This rule also applies to brick-and-mortar businesses, but it’s absolutely crucial if your company operates primarily online. Reach out with captivating content, compelling social media messages, and well-timed marketing emails.

You can also keep shoppers on your site and help them out by adding chatbots, easy navigation elements, and actionable tools on your site. For example, if the first step to a sale with your business is a consultation or an appointment, put your calendar and appointment-setting tool on every page.

Create a Great Conclusion for Every Interaction

The peak-end rule is a behavioral theory that states people remember an experience as pleasant or unpleasant based on a combination of the peak emotion and ending emotion they experienced. You can control how customers experience the end of any interaction by sending them a final communication.

Customer appreciation letters, handwritten notes, and other messages form pleasant interactions at the end of every customer interaction. Even if a customer had a negative experience or was incredibly frustrated by poor service, sending an authentic, positive note can help. Even if the note doesn’t win you the same customers back, it could change their mind about leaving an angry online review.

Cultivating a culture of great customer service is essential for every business. By investing a bit of time in good customer service training and controlling how customer interactions end, you can drive your business into long-term success.

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