6 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

In an era where companies like Amazon dominate with features like one-click buys, customers everywhere are coming to expect seamless customer experience no matter where they turn. So let’s talk about how your business can deliver world-class customer experience.

Map your customer journey

In order to provide great customer experience, it’s important to get an understanding of a customer journey. That’s how someone moves from the process of hearing about your business for the first time to actually becoming a customer.

Try to map out your customer journey. Define the different stages of your journey, as this will give you an idea of how you can keep them moving forward. For example, maybe your customers discover your business through Google search and then try to book an appointment. If you know your customers are finding you in organic search results, then you can invest more time into boosting your SEO.

It can be helpful to take the customer journey yourself. Try to see what your business is like for someone discovering it for the first time. What possible obstacles might there be to moving forward? Try to see if there’s anything you can do to help prospects overcome these obstacles. For example, if somebody wants to sign up for your services but just needs a little push, consider putting more testimonials on your website. Some extra social proof might be the incentive that they need to become a customer.

Optimize your website for mobile

Nowadays, more and more customers are searching for businesses on mobile devices. In order to reach these customers, it’s important that you optimize your website for mobile. If a customer finds that your site is just too hard to navigate on their smartphone, chances are that they will simply go to a competitor instead.

Want to get started optimizing your website for mobile search? Here are a few tips from Backlinko.

  • Use at least 14px font size. Smaller will be harder to read on a mobile device.
  • Use short paragraphs.
  • Make sure that there is a contrast between the text and the background.

Offer website chat

Customers want to be able to communicate with your business quickly and easily. The fact is that traditional communication mediums like phone and email just don’t cut it. It’s too easy for phone calls to go to voicemail and an email to get lost in an inbox. That’s why we recommend website chat.

Even if you don’t know what website chat is, you’ve probably seen it before. It’s a little icon that usually shows up on the bottom left corner of a website. By clicking on the icon, a website visitor can get their questions answered. Unlike phone calls and email, they can usually expect an immediate response.

With a website chat solution, you can get connected to website visitors instantly. A customer service representative can answer questions while the prospect is still on your site. But what if nobody is available? In this case, you can use chatbots. A chatbot is an automated program that gives responses to commonly-asked questions from customers.

Make your landline textable

Text messaging is the new business essential. Studies show that 89% of businesses want to text their customers. After all, texting is much more convenient than phone and email. Unfortunately, most businesses are not texting their customers in the right fashion.

Texting your customers can become inconvenient and confusing if it’s being done through your employee’s phones. If a customer has a question and wants to call you, they might see the employee’s number that they’ve been using and a different number online. This can lead to a lot of confusion.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem: make your landline phone textable. When you do this, all of your customer communications will be in one place. In order to do this, you’ll need a text messaging software that integrates with your existing landline.

Send Net Promoter Score surveys

To provide great customer experience, it’s important to survey your existing customers so you know how they feel about your services. Getting this kind of in-depth feedback can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business operations and make improvements accordingly.

A net promoter score survey is the simplest way to collect customer feedback. Simply ask your customer how likely they are to recommend your business to family and friends on a scale from 0-10. Depending on their response, you break them into three different categories.

  1. Promoter: A promoter is someone who rates your business a 9 or a 10. They are willing to tell family and friends about your business.
  2. Detractor: A detractor is someone who rates your business 0-6. They will actively turn others away from your business.
  3. Passive: A passive is someone who rates your business a 7 or an 8. They do not feel strongly about your business and will neither promote or badmouth your business.

In order to find your NPS, simply subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. This helps you understand how many of your customers are willing to promote a business. A low net promoter score shows that you have serious work to do.

Analyze your review sentiment

There’s one area where you can get great insights into what your customers are looking for: your online reviews. Here, your customers will often talk about some of the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

While we often think about online reviews as a way to build credibility for your business and boost SEO, reviews can also be a valuable tool to improve operations. By examining these reviews and looking at common complaints, you can find ways to improve your overall experience. For example, lots of customers complain about customer service, you can take some time to retrain your employees.

Sometimes, it can be hard to determine review sentiment manually. That’s why it can be great to invest in a natural language processing (NLP) software. NLP can dig through your customer reviews and determine customer sentiment on specific categories. For example, if customers are often mentioning “wait time” in a negative context, NLP can show you that right away.

In Conclusion

Providing a great customer experience is possible for every business. What it requires is the ability to connect with customers, make improvements based on feedback, and stand ahead of the competition.

Author Bio

Dhiraj Nallapaneni is a Product Marketing Writer at BirdEye. He writes content and produces webinars related to delivering great customer experience. For more information on CX, check out the BirdEye guide to customer experience.


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