Successful Ways to Use Lead Information To Drive Up Conversions and Sales

For a marketer or a sales team looking to elevate a business, it’s a win every time a lead gives up information. Successful marketing relies on such information, especially when it comes to converting the prospects into customers, which remains a challenge for many marketers.

In trying to evaluate the value of each lead, some of the lead information gathered may not seem of value, particularly when it looks incomplete, false or inaccurate. A person could decide to leave you a fake name or other awkward information. Should you throw it away? Absolutely not.

You have to remember that what looks like trash may actually be a treasure to someone else and that’s exactly how competitors snatch away prospects. Provided it’s possible to contact them, you have a great opportunity to convert those prospects into clients.

We’ve witnessed hundreds of marketers who’ve successfully applied the following ways to drive up conversions and sales. If you would love to join them, which I bet you do, this article will let you in what you need to do.

Track The Leads To Capture Essential Contact Info

Assuming that your business already has a strong Customer Relation Management (CRM) system, it should be easier to manage and analyze lead interactions and other data captured during the process of lead generation. How strong your online presence is will also influence the number of leads you generate.
A business, therefore, has to apply the best practices in digital marketing in order to do at least fairly well in both aspects.

You will also need to have something of great value that will compel a lead to part with the contact and/or personal information. This varies from business to business. Some use teaser videos. Others give out online magazines, newsletters, or free e-books, or training in exchange for an email address.

Don’t forget to invest in a good tool that can help you come up with different ways to collect such information. It could be through online registration, a subscription sign-up, web forms, landing pages, or even a shopping cart checkout.

With the little information you have captured, start to build a lead profile. Remember, the only way a business can get hold of an ideal customer is by having quality profile data. You will, therefore, have to update the lead’s profile with all the important information you can gather.

Geo-location, OS usage, browser preference, logged attempts and calls, interactions with your site, just to name but a few, constitute the kind of information you should look out for. Such information will help you deliver highly converting content, in addition to having better insight into your ideal customer.

Refine Your Sales Funnel

Source: Neil Patel Blog

No business should ever underestimate the power of target marketing. As a matter of fact, your business will not grow or succeed if you are unable to reach and address the specific person that your product or service is intended for.

Given that you already have reasonable insight into your ideal customer, it shouldn’t be difficult to create information that is relevant and targeted to their needs and challenges. Your goal should actually be to create a connection with your audience.

Now, assuming that your CRM is able to organize your customer interactions and behavior, you can leverage this to tailor your different lead nurturing campaigns, whether it’s a drip or follow up campaign.

Obviously, not all leads are the same, and this is where you will require a powerful CRM system to assist you to separate them. For instance, if you are selling a wide range of products, you can segment the leads based on the different price ranges. Another case is that not every lead will make a purchase. So, create a campaign that will target such leads.

Remember to automate your sales as this will make it easier to send out the right content to the right target market and at the right time. Sales cycles are complicated and market automation is one way to simplify things.

Use Lead Behavior To Create Data-Driven Decisions

The last thing you want to see in your sales funnel is a bunch of unqualified leads. These are more like prospects that aren’t sure of whether or not they need your product. But if you have data on their behavior, you can convert them into customers.

Usually, a business will do this by broadening their content to target various angles and aiming at a wider target audience. Even though this could work, there’s an even better way to go about this.

Lead behavior, largely, has to do with how prospects interact with your website. For example, if you can master what they read, share, or download most on your website or how frequent they visit your website, you should be able to know when to strike. This means that you should have content ready that’s sure to bolt them into action.

Given that leads often exhibit different behaviors, identify proper categories to tag them and then tailor your content to each group.

Use Lead Information To Develop The Right Information At The Right Time

Information supplied by leads can be really useful in coming up with the right content for an audience. Initially, there were very few ways to explore lead information such as a name, contact, email address, interests, and so on, but new ways of content personalization have turned things around.

Many marketers today analyze identity-based and behavioral data and use it to optimize content for their target audience. In many cases, this has worked and demonstrated the significance of lead information in driving up conversions and sales.

But note that time really matters when it comes to responding to leads. No matter how good your message is, if you serve it at the wrong time, you will have nothing to celebrate about.

A study by Professor James Oldroyd posted on Lead Response Management shows that evening hours (4-5pm) on a weekday are the best time to call; this is followed by early morning hours. The report also reveals the best days to make contact and best time to respond.

Engagement level and exposure largely depend on the timing of your message and, thus, it’s upon you to ensure that your message is delivered at the right time for maximum results.

Final Word

It’s the goal of every business to drive up conversions and increase their sales. Leads hold a great opportunity to help you reach your goals but that’s only if you are able to leverage the lead information to capture other essential information, refine your sales funnel, create data driven decisions, and develop the right information at the right time. Your online presence and CRM also matter a lot in all these processes. Ensure you make an effort to learn from the best.

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