10 Ways to Optimize Your Checkout Page UI and UX to Increase Conversion

eCommerce Checkout UI and UX


10 Ways to Optimize Your Checkout Page UI and UX to Increase Conversion
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Today, the internet is becoming the key sale channel for almost all businesses. Therefore, the growth of e-commerce business for selling goods and services is enhancing with every day passes. If you are the one who is either already engaged or a new to e-commerce business, having attractive UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are the necessary factors to boom your business. But, there are many components such as product or service description pages, a shopping basket, order or invoice details with amount calculation till payment mechanism play an important role in your website. These elements are highly responsible form user interface to leads generation. Here is how:

1. Product Information

Buyer’s decision whether to buy products from your site is completely depending on the information provided on the site. That is why most websites prefer clear and high-quality image and a detailed description. If necessary, along with the description of the product you can add or attached files with charts, drawings, videos, etc. your lead conversion is also affected by your product sale conditions, delivery criteria, and after-sale services.

If you have a lot of goods then for their categorization, it is better to use a classification system that meets the industry standard. In case of any issue, you can use FEA standard that allows you to select the right subcategory for any product and describe its characteristics in the correct format.

2. Security

If your site collects secret information about your customers then you should use security systems such as SSL (Secure Cell Protocol). This ensures that the data of your customers do not fall into the hands of an evil hacker during the transaction from the client’s computer to your server. It will also convince your client that you really care about the security of his personal and confidential information.

3. Privacy Policy

Your website should have a clear privacy policy in relation to personal information received from customers. You must clearly explain in the appropriate section explaining how the personal information provided by your customers is used. If your site will use cookies, make sure that you also covered this aspect in the privacy policy.

4. Guarantees

Since money back guarantees are becoming more common in online sales. So, you should post payback guarantee ad in a prominent place on your site. Moreover, in most cases, the law on the protection of consumer rights oblige to refund or replace goods. If a customer feels absolutely secure when choosing you as a supplier, the probability of receiving an order will increase significantly.

5. Easy To Use eCommerce Shopping Cart

More than 80% of customers leave the website when they found a complex structure of shopping cart. They immediately leave the selected product and move to your competitor. So, while optimizing your website’s checkout page, make the information short and useful.

6. Product Information

Product Information is at the core of any shopping experience. In the case of an e-commerce website, this is provided with the product image. But, it is most important that the information provided should be to be useful and meaningful in online contexts for effective leads conversions. This will also help in higher customer satisfaction and increased the reputation of your company. But remember, your product information must contain relevant keywords so that the user can land on tour website directly and end-up with buying only.

7. Simple Order Acceptance Process

A simple order acceptance method on the checkout page is highly important for enhancing conversion rate. For example, if the customer wants to buy more than one quantity of the same product then he has not to go back. There must be an addition and subtraction button on the checkout page for customer convenience. Moreover, there must be precise and relevant product information on the face of the checkout page. This boost the chances of sale funnel.

8. Multiple Payment Gateways

As every customer is unique, so their choice from product selection to payment system also varies differently. Therefore, the website relying on the single payment method lose its wider customer on payment gateways. So, while optimizing a check out page always give importance to different payment gateways like accepting credit cards, debit cards, visa, mobile app payments and even cash on delivery. The wider the scope of payment gateways the more the chances of web success.

9. Support For Multiple Languages And Currencies

The internet approach is not limited to one state, region or one country. It expands your business roots to other countries also. But, if you want to deal on the global network, there are definitely language and currency barrier arise. So, to deal with them you must add multilingually and accepting multi-currency option on the website. This will make sure different people end up with the sale from the website.

10. Automated Calculation

Today, no one likes to calculate manually. Therefore, it is vital to add automatic calculator on the website for easy and correct calculation. The calculated cost of the product also includes the detail of taxes and delivery charges. The automated calculator benefit the customers and company in two forms, first, benefits does the customer and business owner about his total order on the sport, secondly, your brand’s reputation enhances in customer’s mind that he is not cheated on an online platform. Moreover, he likes to shop from your website more often.

Bottom Line

The above aspects will give you the opportunity to avoid common mistakes while UI and UX based web designs as well as optimizing your check out page. The more e-commerce business thinks for the customer’s benefits the better he gets fruitful results. Amazon, Walmart is the best example of online presence.

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