What’s a Content Marketer?

What is a content marketer

Content Marketing

You (or your boss) might ask, “What’s a content marketer anyway? And how is she different from other marketers?!”

So let’s explore the topic…

A content marketer has:

  • Analytical abilities
  • Copywriting capabilities
  • An understanding of developers (including a little UX, HTML and CSS)
  • The eye of a graphic designer
  • An artists intuition
  • More than basic SEO skills
  • Leadership and coaching abilities
  • Journalistic investigative skills
  • Ability to see the long view
  • The heart of a philanthropist
  • Empathy for customers
  • An inventor’s mind
  • Community management and social media skills

content marketer infographic

Uberflip produced a great infographic!

Do you agree with the assessment?

What else would you say is missing? Let us know in the comments!