Why You Should Be Using Motion Graphics in Your Content Marketing

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The content marketing landscape has seen its fair share of trends championed by industry insiders come and go. However, the potential of using motion graphics in brand film is one trend that has certainly held its own.

In many ways, motion graphics can be seen as video marketing’s answer to infographics. But they’re so much more as well. When executed well, animated brand video content conveys complex information in entertaining and accessible ways that audience enjoy engaging with.

In this article, I want to look at the advantages motion graphics has over other forms of online marketing, specifically live action film.

Before we begin though, a word on the power of video marketing…

The Power of Video Marketing

Cisco predicts that by 2021, video will account for as much of 80% of all internet traffic. Which, let’s be frank, is massive. But if video content has such massive potential and is so enormously influential, why are so many brands simply failing to capitalise on such an exciting opportunity?

Well, creating good video content can be tricky. It should:

  • Be worth watching
  • Understand its audience and appeal to their needs and wants accordingly
  • Guide audiences effectively through a specific journey
  • Be able to reach audiences wherever they choose to spend their time online
  • Establish brand awareness and reinforce a unique brand identity

If you think that sounds pretty tricky, you’re certainly not alone. Even seasoned marketers and content creators fail to achieve all of this every time. Motion graphics, however, has the potential to tick every box every time, by creating content that is naturally more watchable, incisive, distinctive and imbued with your own unique brand identity.

Let’s look now at six ways that motion graphics trump traditional “live” brand video.

1. Distinctive and memorable

There are numerous examples of top brands using motion graphics to create memorable ad campaigns. If you want your audience to remember you, motion graphics can allow you to create highly stylized and visually engaging piece of content that will effortlessly stand out from the rest. Whilst this won’t guarantee conversions, if your animation can make a strong first impression, you’re well on the way to building the brand presence you need to start driving sales.

Video stats speak for themselves on this. If your motion graphic content marketing appeals to your audience and they genuinely enjoy watching and engaging with it, you could see a 139% increase on brand association and as much as a 97% increase on purchasing intent. Those are numbers that are difficult to ignore.

2. Emotionally engaging

As any content marketer will tell you, successful brands think like publishers, not advertisers. Stories sell and inspire loyalty. A strong narrative, told using motion graphics can have a unique way of melting hearts and connecting with audiences on a deeply emotional and incredibly meaningful level. You don’t need on screen actors to do that. In fact, a good animator can have audiences in tears with a few careful facial expressions and a powerful music score. Just think of Sully saying goodbye to little Boo in Monsters Inc or the devastatingly sad opening scenes in the Pixar film Up.

If tugging at the heartstrings of your audience is on your agenda, motion graphics could be your secret weapon.

3. Inherently stylish

Live-action video is great, but as a medium, it just can’t give you quite as much control over the style of your content as effectively as motion graphics can. If you have complete creative control over every aspect of your visual presentation however, you are able to present your brand narrative and messaging in the way you want to present it.

From unique color palettes to nifty scene transitions, motion graphics can help you to curate a visual style that embodies your brand and help you nestle it into the consciousness of your target audience.

4. Convey complex information quickly

Whilst audiences might want the facts, stats and functionality of your product / service, putting this across in snappy and enjoyable content will make it so much more appealing. Animation is the perfect medium in which to do this. A couple of animated frames which successfully utilize a combination of well-chosen narration, visual imagery and on-screen text can very easily convey the same amount of information as half a page of text.

This also works when conveying a narration that might call on metaphor or describe concepts. Animation allows you to present this in visual form, helping to hammer home the point. This works especially well with message driven content or content that is laden with stats and factual info. It also allows you to visualize products or spaces internally, through architectural fly-throughs.

5. Multi-device and super responsive

With more and more people viewing video on mobile devices, the importance of creating content that works on any device and any screen is growing. Animated video content can be watched on any device, which opens an array of opportunities for you to connect with your target audience whatever they’re doing and wherever they are at any given time of the day.

From cramming in some casual browsing at their desk on their lunch hour to evening commutes and late-night social scrolling, you need to know that your content is accessible whenever and however your audience want to engage with it.

6. Unbound creative scope

Unlike live action film, which is inherently constrained by budget, motion graphics will only ever be limited by your own creativity. Whereas, traditional filmmaking requires locations, sets, actors, extras, production teams, animators require only a brain, a powerful computer and animation software. This allows them to create content that is literally limited in scope, all from the comfort of their own studio. You can create huge crowds, in far flung exotic locations or even alien worlds. Even the laws of physics are no barrier.

Standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons is reliant on your ability to create unique content that no other brand has done before. Animation and motion graphics unlock the door to a wholly different type of canvas onto which you can paint your unique brand identity. From unique style through to limitless scope and a myriad of clever ways you can present dry, nuanced or complicated information, animated brand film has everything you need to make your mark.

Author Bio:

Paul Silcox is the creative mind behind Ocula Motion Graphics. An energetic and creative Bristol motion graphics and 3D animation company, with a passion and a talent for amazing visual design Ocula has been creating inspirational visual design since 2007. You can connect with Paul and Ocula on Twitter or Instagram or check out their spectacular work on their YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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