6 Tips for Content Marketers to Build Trust and Relationships in Age of Content Oversaturation

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Seems like there is some truth in ‘Content Shock’ after all!

Defined by Mark W. Schaefer as – “the emerging marketing epoch defined when exponentially increasing volumes of content intersects our limited human capacity to consume it“, Content Shock makes it impossible for content marketers to publish content that can be processed easily by the human mind.

Even the numbers indicate that we live in an era of digital content oversaturation and this makes building trust and relationships with readers a Herculean task for content marketers.


Because there will always be an overabundance of content online, here are some tips for content marketers to build trust and relationships in this age of content oversaturation.

#1 Take branding seriously, very seriously

What comes to your mind when you think of a brand?

The tagline? The logo? The color scheme? Perhaps anything but the content. And this is what needs to change because the content has the potential to be a powerful branding tool. Entrepreneur.com has a very interesting take on creating a brand through content. Here are three pointers, which will help you create a brand through your content.

  • Differentiate between what is branded content and what is branding with content.
  • Know your target audience and brand your content customized to meet their perspectives.
  • Define your brand values and make the content marketing team understand the values.
  • The content may not substitute the brand, but it can become THE BRAND.

#2 Interact with your target users

With an endless array of social media channels, consumer-centric forums and websites such as Reddit and Quora can offer you tremendous benefits.

To begin with, you can use these platforms to interact with your target user base, often on a one-to-one basis. These platforms are also useful for consumers or potential consumers, to voice their opinions, ask queries, share honest reviews and post their grievances.

By answering their questions and replying to their posts, you can effectively earn their trust. For instance, take the case of Realtor.com, which has a section dedicated to addressing common questions posted by end-users. This is a crucial step, which allows it to demonstrate its experience and expertise in a particular niche and adds to its reputation. ‘Nuff said!

#3 Find out ways to be unique


In the age of ‘content saturation’, it is difficult to be unique. But as the Latin saying goes – “I’ll either find a way or make one “– you need to find out ways to be unique and stand out from the competition.

A major step in this direction is to make your content refreshing for your target audience.

How about offering your target audience the same content in a different package? Begin with sharpening your storytelling skills and include it in your content marketing mix to see a significant difference. Also, try to go interactive and you will definitely create a win-win situation when it comes to being unique in terms of content.

The crux is to create attention-grabbing, shareworthy pieces of content that people would love to talk about in their circles, thereby, making it viral and popular. And this is something that you can achieve by making the content engaging. Content Marketing Institute provides a list of ways through which you can make content engaging for your end-users.

#4 Be the early bird

Agreed, everything has been done to the death when it comes to creating content and marketing. But as we progress into the future, many new opportunities are being created for content marketers to explore. In other words, there are ‘plenty of fishes in the sea’ when it comes to content publishing, creating or marketing.

Periscope’s Livestreaming advantage, Facebook and YouTube’s 360-degree videos, Pinterest’s Rich Pins are all examples of opportunities, which are yet to be fully explored by content marketers in this year and the years to come.

Having said that, I bet that the future seems amazing for content marketers who can use these new features and functionalities and also add to their expertise.

#5 Rev up the promotional strategies

Great content even though published, is of no use if content marketers don’t promote it effectively. There are opportunities galore for marketers who want to effectively promote their content and get it noticed by brand advocates, influencers and of course, their target audience.

There are numerous ways to promote your content effectively viz. sharing it with your followers on social media, attending conferences, meetups, creating podcasts, participating in trade fairs and exhibitions and anything and everything, which guarantees visibility for your brand and your content.

Definitely, you are not going to hold a placard containing your content and taking it everywhere with you. The idea is to give your brand a visibility, make it known and the popularity of the brand will eventually trickle down to the content. People will be curious to know more about the brand, the work done or the products and services offered. This will lead them to search for your brand online and eventually, drive them to notice your content.

#6 Know what is popular

One of the shortcuts to make your content interesting and refreshing for the users is to know what is popular or trending. Think of the immensely popular HBO series – Game of Thrones. The show has a massive fan following and keeps its audience on tenterhooks with cliffhangers, which increases its ratings. Why not ride on the popularity of such trending shows and topics to derive benefits?

For this purpose, make sure that your content connects with the pop cultural references by say, creating a meme, a parody video, develop fan theory, write a fan-fiction or even develop an app related to it. People will definitely flock to your content because it connects to a topic of their interest.


While these are some tips which will help you create trust and relationship in the era of content oversaturation, you can’t ignore hard work. Strive to better your content, however short it may be and you will be able to deliver the best work that brings results. Cheers!

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Being the early bird and finding ways to be unique is absolutely the important thing from my side, Good article thanks for sharing.

Robin khokhar
Robin khokhar

Hi Kunjal,

Yes finding ways to be unique will really make the difference. It will be given weight-age but both humans and search engines.

And thanks for sharing these amazing tips.


One thing that has worked for me is that I try to put my personal sense of humor in the content as well. While being original and first is good, you can really make it take off if you show your human side as much as you can in a body of text.

These were good reminders, thanks for the good read.

Thomas Androws
Thomas Androws

HI Kunjal,

This post really makes sense on Trust and Relationship, This “content shocking” is new to me and I learnt. Really nice piece of work.



With the increasing importance of content to commercial success online, content is not something to leave to an intern; it needs a strategy to ensure it really supports marketing.
your guides will helpful for us to set up a defined content marketing strategy, which we can plan, manage and optimise using our resources. Thanks for good Insights article.

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