5 Steps To A Sizzling Hot About Page That Converts

5 Steps to Creating a Sizzling Hot About Page

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5 Steps to Creating a Sizzling Hot About Page

Your About page is arguably the most important piece of advertising on your entire website.


Because it’s the first thing that people are going to click on when they land on your website.

People go to an About page because they want to find out if you are someone that can help them with a problem they’re having, regardless of whether they want a solution now or potentially in the future.

At this point they are an interested prospect, maybe curious, and so this is your opportunity to really draw them in with your About page.

A well written About page should arouse so much interest and desire in your prospect that they either want to stick around on your website and see more about what you do. Or they want to sign up to your email list and perhaps get in touch with you.

So what you want to do is make sure you have an About page that is designed to “hook” as many prospects as possible, so that you can potentially turn them into customers whether that is now or later.

First, let’s look at the components of a great About page.

  1. Opening headline or sentence that tells the reader what their biggest problem is and how you can help them. This is your big offer to the reader so it needs to be good.
  2. Goes into the benefits of what it is you offer, great way to do this is with bullet points.
  3. It contains a strong call to action based on what your MWR is.
  4. It contains your backstory or personal information about your business or just you your a solopreneur, freelancer, or whatever.

Now we’ve got that out of the way let’s dive into the process for writing an About page that will hook all interested prospects.

Step 1: Research Like Your Life Depends On It

You will never be able to write a highly converting About page unless you do a decent amount of research.

This entails knowing the demographics and psychographics of your target audience.

Now this is the most important step when writing your About page.

You may or may not have heard this before but if you don’t know who you are writing for then you are not going to be able to write effective copy for your About page.

And that goes for any kind of advertising for that matter.

Knowing who you’re writing for will help you to work out what kind of language to use. The kind of words. And everything in between.

It will help you work out where your target audience’s problems lie so you can write copy that specifically targets them. And knowing this piece of information is crucial for the next step.

In essence, it will allow you to create such a super sharp sales message that it will knock your readers socks off.

The other benefit it has is that it’s basically like a filtering process for when you write the copy because it will allow you to filter out the kind of people you want to be doing business with.

You may also be wondering how to do this if you don’t already have a customer database and are just starting out.

Well, it still applies. You simply think about who your ideal client is and create a profile of them.

This way you can still come up with a super specific marketing message that appeals to your ideal client.

So once you’ve finished with the research questions it’s time to get started on the dreaded writing process.

Step 2: Hit Them Between The Eyeballs With Your Big Offer 

This is the part where you need your headline or at least a compelling opening sentence that grabs your prospects attention.

How do we do it?

We do it by staying focused on the customer.

Too many About pages don’t focus on their customer. They talk drivel about themselves and remember, a prospect goes to your About page to see if you can help them so you don’t want to do that.

Your headline or your opening sentence needs to let your prospect know that you understand their biggest problem and have a solution that will help them.

If you choose to not use a headline then use an opening sentence but make sure the text is bold or italicized, something that indicates to your prospect that this is super important to read.

You also need to fulfil certain criteria with your headline or opening sentence:

  1. It needs to target a specific group of people (your ideal client).
  2. It needs to communicate your big offer (the core benefit).
  3. It needs to tell them how.
  4. It needs to be super specific.

Let’s look at a quick example off the top of my head:

We help busy mums get fit, healthy, and toned again after childbirth by providing personalised training programs you can use in 30 mins per day.

Let’s analyse this.

  1. Targets our demographic of busy mums.
  2. Tells them that they can get fit, toned, and healthy again after childbirth.
  3. Tells them HOW in the form of personalised training programs.
  4. Tells them how long it will take.

This fulfils the four points mentioned above for a powerful headline or opening sentence.

Step 3: Expand On What It Is You Do, Keeping Things Focused On The Customer 

This is the part where you might like to expand upon what you’ve said in your headline and go into more detail about what you offer.

The headline has done a good job of getting their attention and rousing their interest at this point. But there is more to it than that.

Now you need to convince them a little more that you are the right person to help them.

A great way to do that is by going into more detail about what you offer with bullet points. Bullet points are perfect for web copywriting because of the shorter attention spans we have online compared to offline advertising.

You could go through everything you do and then list the benefits of each point.

So you need to talk a bit more about what you do but as the rule I mentioned earlier still pertains, keep things focused on your customer.

The time for talking about yourself still hasn’t arrived yet.

So using the example above we could do something like this.

We’ve got our barnstorming headline, “We help busy mums get fit, healthy, and toned again after childbirth by providing personalised training programs you can use in 30 mins per day.”

Then you could go into specifics of how you do that using bullet points.

For example:

  • We create a tailored program for each busy mum that comes to us so you get an individualised approach to your health and fitness, rather than something generic.
  • We use some of the latest technology in dieting to make sure you are eating foods that keep you healthy but don’t stack on the pounds.
  • Our tailored programs are easy, only 30 mins per day so even the busiest new mums can find the time for them.
  • We create programs that go through each muscle group so every area of your body gets a solid workout so you end up with a toned, sculpted body overall.
  • With just 30 minutes per day of training you can be on your way to feeling as god about your body as you did before you stacked on pregnancy weight.

Get the picture now?

As a general rule of thumb your About page should be hard and fast.

It should get straight to the point about what you do and how you can help your prospects rather filling space by waffling.

Step 4: Don’t Pussyfoot Around. Tell Them What You Want Them To Do

So now you’ve addressed their problems, showed you have a great solution that helps them.

You’ve grabbed their attention and got them interested in you.

Now you need to offer them the all-decisive call to action.

First thing here is to figure out what your MWR is from your About page.

It is getting people to opt in to your email list? Get people to contact you about doing business with you?

So figure this out first and then you can write your CTA.

This part is the most simple of writing your About page but it’s also one of the most important. You’ve got them this far into your copy so you don’t want to screw it up.

Way you write a strong CTA is by literally telling them the action that you want them to take and what benefit (how will it improve their life) they will get from doing so.

So you could write something like; “If you are ready to take positive steps to becoming fit, toned, and healthy again then call us today and we will schedule you in for a FREE no obligation half hour introductory training session.

In this introductory session we’ll go through with you the kind of results you want, how we create our customised training programs. If you like it then we welcome you aboard, if not you are simply free to go. No questions asked. It’s that easy.” 

How’s that for a call to action?

Step 5: Now You Can Talk About Yourself

So now you’ve got your prospect interested in you, you can now start to talk about you a bit more. Let them see a bit more of your personality.

The whole point with this part of the About page is to get prospects to see you as a real human being. To show them some personality. Build trust and create a connection with them.

This is the part where you can really start to use some personality to show them that you are different from everyone else.

It also might be that moment where they decide to do business with you just because what you wrote in this part of your About page earns their respect and trust.

Here is what you want to talk about:

  1. Why and how you got started in this business.
  2. Any obstacles you overcome along the way (if there were any)
  3. What you learn’t during this process.
  4. The present day – now you are here.

The approach you take here may vary slightly to what I’ve written above and that’s totally up to you.

Main thing is to let your reader in on your world for just a little bit and show them you are a real person.

The connection that can be created from a compelling backstory can be powerful at winning the trust of your prospects even if everything else fails.

The Wrap Up

So now you know how to write a killer About page from start to finish that is designed to hook prospects.

As I mentioned at the beginning this is the most important page you’ll write on your website so you need to make it count.

Follow this step-by-step process and you’ll have an About page that is miles better than the next person who is just writing their About page with the same kind of drivel as the next person.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if so, please share it on your favourite social media platform and if you want, write a comment below.

I’d love to connect with any of you who got value from this post.

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