How to Maximize Your Content Marketing Effects with Minimum Effort

Content Marketing

How to Maximize Your Content Marketing Effects

While creating content is half the battle, reaching it wide enough to a relevant audience is the other half. On social media, if your voice isn’t strong enough, there’s a plentiful chance of it being drowned in the chorus of the millions of other voices out there. To stand out, you have to do something differently. Go the extra mile, burn that extra bit of oil. But as social media managers, most of us cannot afford to do for extra time.

Here are 5 ways to cure that hiccup:

1. Convert your employees into an efficient advocate army

Your employees have diverse connections multiple times the number of your brand connections and can give your brand the advantage of WOM marketing on social media.

Making this happen isn’t as hard as it seems. First, you’ve to generate excitement amongst your employees. Let them in on how 10 minutes of their time daily can drive engagement, leads and revenue, even, for their company. Express to them the benefits of sharing industry-quality content on their social accounts – an elevated social standing and opportunity to build relationships with industry experts, current and potential customers. Make a game of it and plan exciting incentives.

Next, employ a good employee advocacy platform to help you manage the program. DrumUp – Employee Advocacy, for instance, begins by giving you excellent and relevant content recommendations for shares. It also allows you to upload custom posts and transfer any and all of it to a common stream that you can invite your employees to access. The application also has a leader board to make things fun, and analytics to track your employees’ and the program’s performances.

2. Reuse, Recycle and Re-purpose your content to reach larger audiences

Some people read; other prefer visuals and some choose audio over alternative formats. Your target audience might be among them all.

Shoot to bag two prizes. Re-purpose old content to avoid having to always create some, and capture a bigger and more diverse audience by presenting your content in multiple formats.

Re-purposing also pushes you to explore and create presences on newer social media platforms, making it possible for you to connect with more people in more ways. And the cycle continues.

A couple of ideas you could use while re-purposing content:

  1. Convert old blog posts to podcasts
  2. Make ebooks out of blogs with concurrent themes
  3. Aggregate tips on topics on downloadable cheat-sheets
  4. Reinvent ideas with infographics and SlideShare

The list is only limited by your imagination. Recycling content is inherently an opportunity to get creative, make sure you utilize it to best effect.

Tools like Canva, Piktochart help with the creation of simple and elegant visuals.

3. Build communities around your brand and services

For multiple shares and greater reach, you require people to follow you, regularly and loyally. On social media, to position yourself as an authority actually means being the person who is most helpful. If your audience has questions around topics related to your industry, you should be there to answer them. In fact, imagine the exact questions that your audience is asking and try directly answering them with your content.

Share that content via all social channels available to you and through your communities. Sharing relevant content is one way of attracting the right audience towards you. The other way of doing it is locating the communities or discussions pertinent to your business and becoming active on those fronts.

Some wide-spread communities that are great for outreach are – Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Quora, Google Plus communities. Discover the ones that discuss your areas of expertise and join the conversation. Share brand blogs that could help members of the community and develop a community around you. The goal is to exist at the top of your audience’s minds when they are ready to buy.

Remember, find specific communities that are more focused on your industry. For instance, authors might want to frequent GoodReads, Shelfari or Red Room.

It’s also important to be holistically involved and talk about the industry rather than just your brand, so people can trust you to help them find what they really seek instead of just expecting you to push your products.

Social listening tools allow you to set alerts on keywords, thus helping you locate places where your topics are being discussed.

You could also explore apps like Viral Content Buzz – an interesting community-discovery approach to securing traction for your content across social media platforms.

4. Encourage users and your social audience to create the content for you

When you involve your audience in creating content, they’re more likely to share it themselves. Not only are you initiating an engaging and fun activity with this tactic, but you’re also setting up a boost for the marketing post-activity.

There are tons of ideas you could take inspiration for planning User Generated Content. You could organize contests, quizzes, start a hashtag campaign, or simply ask a question and feature the answers on your blog.

While creating engagement campaigns, try to personalize them. Look at profiles of a bunch of your followers and discover what they care about. Craft your campaign to fit what they’re excited about the most, and they’ll be extra encouraged to participate.

Also, it is a great idea to put your product in your audience’s hands. Do a selfie contest that involves your product in a fun way. In this manner, you’re not just getting your fans to explore your product, but also encouraging them to share visual endorsements of sorts on social media.

Finally, you could simply ask your audience to share and turn that into a contest. That works too!

5. Connect with influencers on social media to expand your brand’s exposure

Social users are more likely to trust recommendations from a third party versus self-suggestions from your brand. This is why influencers in your niche’ can help you convince your audience and gain trust better than your brand can on its own.

“True influence drives action, not just awareness,” as quoted by Jay Baer. His description aptly describes the crux of influencer marketing, as opposed to the generic approach where many people assume a large following implies a proportionally large response.

To drive action, your influencers need to be relevant, and the best fit for your brand and services. If your influencers’ reach encompasses a large section of your target audience, they are perfect to represent your brand.

To find them, you could employ social monitoring tools that provide insights about influencers in your industry, like Brand24.

Once you’ve found them, give them access to your product and keep the lines open for feedback and other communication. It’s important for your influencers to be enthusiastic about your brand. You could also compensate them by sharing their content, via extended free subscriptions to your product or by paying them commissions.

Social is a large sphere that requires constant attention and effort to conquer. But, using these strategies, you could shift some of the load off your shoulders while still progressing towards your content marketing goals. Remember, always keep your audience and your partners in mind, and do your best to add value to your industry. Do that effectively, and you can create a favorable reputation for your brand on social media.

Disclaimer: All images are provided by author.