How to Gain Profit from an Effective Mobile Content Marketing Strategy?

Mobile Content Marketing Strategy App Business

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Mobile Content Marketing Strategy App Business
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Mobile is everywhere; it’s a ubiquitous technology that people can’t exist without. Tapping upon this golden opportunity, many businesses are found trending towards the mobile-first approach even when it comes to content marketing. In the following post, we will see how badly it impacts your business for not having an effective mobile content marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing has everything to do with context, agree? According to an interesting study that I happened to stumble upon last week, it says Google found that “in the moment” searches are by far the most popular with 85% of smartphone users looking for local information and 81% following up to take action. Now have you wondered what kind of content actually makes sense especially for mobile devices? Well, here mobile content marketing comes into play. This particular approach places mobile at the helm making businesses believe in the fact that it is more pertinent than desktop.

Today digital mobile media has completely redefined the way we read, view or get entertained. And let me tell you this is not the latest fad but a trend which might create a revolution sooner or later. For many of us, the way we consume information from our smartphones is way different than those from PC or swipe their tablet screen.

What the new generation craves for?

If you want to get there fast, you need to understand how children’s and younger adults are consuming media in a digital world. Unlike me, my son doesn’t switch news channels but shows me the latest sensations on YouTube. Nowadays, the choice matters the most! Like it or not, mobile and social media is transforming our world and its not just our personal lives but also in business.

A mobile content marketing strategy is much similar to responsive design. In other words, it is a type of web design that allows a site to look good on a variety of screen sizes and function well. However, it’s just a small part and not the entire kit and caboodle. Further below I would like to shed some light on specific ways to succeed at mobile content marketing.

#1 Crowdsource Visual Content

I would prove my point by stating an example of a renowned company named Coca Cola who chose one of the most effective and smartest ways around. The company started engaging with your fans and advocates to produce content. As a result, several visual content marketing platforms such as Shuttlerock came into the limelight. Well, I am not exaggerating much; I just want to say it makes it easy for your customers that adore whatever you, this also includes creating content for you for free from their mobiles.

Here people can easily share photos and images to their respective social media networks. Unlike the old marketing models, this can be considered as a significant change as large global social networks and smartphones are now seen driving media consumption and habits.

#2 Design Mobile “Responsive” Blogs

Do you know what the most frustrating part of mobile is? Its businesses craving more and more to expand their website. And as a result, most readers give up in a few moments and move on. A responsive website is one that responds to the devices screen sizes, irrespective of devices. Yes, you are just one click away from oblivion. Do you have a WordPress site? Is that upgraded or it needs to be updated? All you need to do is load a plugin that allows your site to be read easily on mobile. WPtouch is one of the top WordPress plugins which has been downloaded over 6 million times. This provides a simple intermediary step to ensure that people can read your content before embarking on a new site design project.

#3 Create a Mobile App

After this, it’s time to create a mobile app relevant to your site and your business. How is a mobile app beneficial?

  • Brand awareness- It acts like constant brand awareness reminder.
  • Builds your email list- Can capture emails
  • Pushes content out- Allows people to opt-in to sending alerts to your subscribers
  • Buy products and services- Things become easy via using an app from their phone

Shantelle Saville (Savi) designed an app that aided well in distributing video content and build online credibility and of course trust-building activities.

#4 Mobile Video- A Must-Have!

Those people who have grown up knowing the internet is a crucial part of their lives would crave for more online videos than watching TV. So what you can do is, try featuring videos within apps. That might work well instead of following those conventional advertising methods. The success of GoPro is the best example of creating a global brand fast!
Do not underestimate the power of online video. In fact, these videos can be highly used to scale trust.

#5 Is Your Content Optimized For Mobile?

Content has to serve many masters. Images, photos, and video need to work on many devices, platforms, and networks, right from television to laptops and now mobile phones.

Time to create your own mobile content marketing strategy.

  • Set a goal first! – Think about what you want to achieve by putting mobile first? I mean do you wish to drive more in-person foot traffic or have a brick-and-mortar store? Are you hoping to get more people to go to your website in a quick span of time? Think, dig deep and know about what your goal is.
  • Find your audience – I am pretty sure you will be having a target audience in mind or simply wish to tailor content to those who are already checking your site. Several analytic tools can be taken into account to know regarding your target audience.
  • Focus on the content – Responsive content has to be one of the topmost propriety for you! Make it more scannable by using bullet points and short headlines. Don’t forget to include images, but make sure they’re compressed and don’t take forever to load.
  • Optimize for mobile search and social – Don’t forget to optimize for voice and social. Choose keywords pretty precisely and make sure your content is easy to share on social by including big social share buttons.
  • Measure and track your content’s performance – Last but certainly not the least, Measure the number of mobile visitors you get, how long they stick around and what actions they take afterward to get a sense of whether your mobile strategy is working or needs some tweaking.