5 Tips for Small Businesses to Create Engaging Content

I have said it once, I have said it twice, I will say it again, “content is the most powerful weapon that you can wield.”

Through content you can increase sales, boost your SERP rankings, increase brand awareness, convince people to subscribe, there are countless other things that content is capable of.

You just have to decide what you want it to do.

Among the many ways you choose to create content, the most sort after way is engagement.

Creating engaging content requires proper understanding of human behavior, as to what would interest them the most and what would compel them to read a content piece till the end.


How to create engaging content?

Creating engaging content cannot be taught but there are certain golden rules that you need to abide by and include in your content pieces so that your audience does not get bored while reading your content.

So, let’s begin.

Golden Rule 1: Balanced Use Of Textual & Visual Content

Balanced Use of Textual and Visual Content
Source: slideshare.net

When you have visuals to express yourself why use texts?

See, if you leverage visual content you are automatically inviting more backlinks which will indirectly affect your search engine optimization. But if you leverage textual content, then you are directly affecting your search engine optimization and boost your search engine result page ranking.

When it comes to creating engaging content, you need to maintain a balance between both textual and visual data because a content piece has to do justice to both. And visual content is an essential part of a content marketing strategy.

There are majorly three types of visual content.

1. Images

If you are writing an article it is advised that you put an image after every 75-100 word because those content pieces get double the shares than articles with fewer images.

Images break the monotony of textual data that seem tiresome.

2. Infographics

When you have a lot of information to serve to the audience, why not just make an infographic of it and help them understand and remember what we said.

Studies show that people pay more attention to information-carrying images (or infographics). Plus, the probability of infographic getting liked and shared on social media is 3X more than other forms of content.

3. Videos

Now, videos are what we call the best of both worlds, incorporating them in your content marketing strategy can do wonders. As videos are a combination of information and visuals hence they spread an abundant amount of information in limited time.

There are nearly 80% marketers who use video content in their marketing strategies. Videos are more likely to engage the audience because this is what they are looking for. There are 4X as many customers who are interested in knowing about a product through a video rather than an article.

Videos can even affect the revenue that your brand generates. Studies show that shoppers who watch a video are 1.81X more likely to purchase than the other non-viewers.

You have to leverage every form of visual content in your content pieces to boost its engagement. You can use GIFs as well.

Golden Rule 2: Host Occasional Contests

Host Occasional Contests - Enter To Win Button
Source: brighton.ac.uk

Hosting contests and giveaways is a move that is effective enough in boosting the engagement with your audience.

You can hold several parameters of contests and giveaways. Let’s say, if your audience wants to enter a contest and win a giveaway, they need to give their opinion on some trending topic, or play the irresistible “test your knowledge” game, media uploads, etc.

You can also ask your audience to share a picture with your product along with a review and assure them that some of top `100 will be featured on your brand’s website.

Host them occasionally, so that people eagerly wait for what next you would come up with.

Golden Rule 3: Keep It Crisp And On Point

Keep It Crisp And On Point
Source: Pinterest.com

The content that you write has to be crisp and on-point but this does not mean that you will jump from topic to topic in a matter of second.

Give value and time to a subject that requires it, otherwise, try and give value to people in lesser words than usual.

Also, if you have long pointers, you can concise them in form of key takeaways and TL; DR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) because when people scroll through your content they will stick around and read the Key Takeaways.

Golden Rule 4: Keep Your Content Detailed

Keep Your Content Detailed
Source: gfycat.com

In content, it is always a good habit to support your points with links so that if the reader chooses to know more about a particular part in your article, he will easily be able to find and read about it.

Also, if you support your content with examples that help the audience understand a complex topic in an easier way, they will not break their content flow and leave your site looking for the meaning of a topic.

Golden Rule 5: Be Creative

Be Creative
Source: BritneyLewisBooks.blogspot.com

Lastly, don’t put any limitations on yourself or any sort of pressure. Try to remain calm and create content, you don’t have to use advanced or even moderate vocabulary, you can create content and inform your readers about a topic by using the simplest words of the English dictionary.

Along with this, remember not to stuff everything in a single paragraph, try and divide your content, paragraph by paragraph, pointers, and subheads.

It would better to read than any other form of normal content.

Closing Thoughts:

Content is something that you can mend according to your will and even be compelling enough to convince the reader into doing something.

Creating engaging content is not a tough thing to do, you just have to be focused on what you want to serve your audience. You have to make your content easier for people to understand and using visuals, easy vocab, and linking, you can do just that.

Eventually, all of your efforts will generate more traffic leading to your website along with boosting your search engine rankings.

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