8 Simple Trick To Spread Your Content Like A Virus

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8 Simple Trick To Spread Your Content Like A Virus

These days, you don’t need to spend a fortune on traditional advertising, be it on television, radio, and print. If you can create content that can produce an online word-of-mouth popularity, then it can give you exponential traffic growth as well as broad media coverage with the just the minimum cost. It may sound easy, but it requires a lot of thinking and planning. However, all those successful ad contents and campaigns online and in the social media didn’t happen by accident. In this article, let us look at the eight traits that make your contents go viral.

What Happens During a “Viral Cycle”?

The key to a successful viral content is one thing: viral traffic. But that’s obvious enough. So the real question here is what are the attributes that will drive a traffic viral?

Viral Cycle


It means that when someone sees a link and a description on either social media or a site, it would be enticing enough for them to take a look and read or watch more about it. It would also be easy to load and visually appealing.


When the visitors sticks with a video content, you have to make it sure that they will find it enjoyable, interesting, and the video, playable. Make sure that your video will fit any screen resolution, and it will be responsive to the user. Keep in mind the various vantage points of the audiences.


When the visitors enjoy, or they find the contents fascinating; they want to tell their friends and followers on the social media about it. Make sure that with one click of a button, they can easily share it on their social media for others to see and enjoy.

These three are what you need to consider to have a viral hit. You can focus on one if you are going to do it alone or as an individual. However, if you have a team with experience, they may be able to achieve two. Remember that getting all three may prove to be difficult, albeit, not impossible. So let’s try them!

8 Traits You Need to Consider to Be Viral

1. Attributes

Develop concepts for your content that consider your audience’s age, location, career, hobbies, etc. If you have a particular demographic in mind, that’s what you ought to target. Always keep your audience’s attributes in mind every step of the way so that your content will surely fit them and entice them.


2. Competition & Comparison

For interactive contents like games, competition is always a driving force for participation. Encourage and dare your audience to beat the top scores. Allow them to compare each other’s scores as well. Provide ways that will allow the players to share in the social media about their latest gaming experience, top scores, new challenges, and other things about their experience in the game or content.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration among members of your audience can also prove important in making your content viral. It would mean that groups of people are ready to take part in creating, contributing, and working together in interacting with your content. It can be a video, a challenge, advocacy, or a game. An example of this is the Ice Bucket Challenge were even celebrities and billionaires participated.

4. Delight

Other than making an informative and useful content, make sure to tickle your viewers’ senses. Use catchy music or dance, entertaining animation, spectacular editing, or anything where audiences can derive pleasure. Audiences will tend to stick around if they find any of those factors amusing or catchy and not annoying nor irritating.

5. Insights

Share what you think. Share your ideas and invite your viewers to do the same. It can be for advocacy or a cause. It can be about the about politics, climate change, endangered species, or anything that you think will be worth their while. But it can also be pure fun and entertainment as well such as spoofs of movies or comedy skits. Anything goes as long as you remain sincere in your goal of sharing your ideas while entertaining your viewers.


6. Topical

Impress people with fast-turnaround topical content. By sharing it, you can show that you are up-to-date with the latest trends, and they will know that whatever they learn from it was because you are the first to share it with your group.

7. Tribes

People like to feel that they belong. You can reinforce this sense of belongingness. Tribes can be groups depending on age, region, generation, interests, politics, and other things. If you know your audience, you can produce the right content that would make them want to read or watch your content. You can target certain “tribes” based on their preferences. Clustering people in this manner will make it easier for you to create contents that can are tailor-fit for their needs and interests.

8. Quality

All of these attributes can make content go viral. But the rule of thumb is always that it has to be good. It has to be so good that your audiences will be in awe. Having this one attribute, having content that is good, is good enough. But if you can have all or most of these attributes, the better the chances of your content getting viral.


In the end, you will be your best judge on whether or not the content you are producing is captivating enough for your target audience. In your next content, try to practice the tricks stated above. Of course, if you have money to spend, getting a group of professional to do it for you is fine as well. But some viral contents didn’t intend to be viral in the first place. They just simply won the “who get’s to be viral” lottery by hitting all the right attributes, sharing it at the right time and to the right audiences. But if you do want your content to be viral (and who doesn’t?), it wouldn’t hurt to review the points above and try to apply it in your next content.

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