Common Tips to Fix WordPress Security Threats

WordPress website security is a great concern for WordPress Developers and all those individuals who earn bread and butter from their sites. A better SEO ranking of your website on Google, lots of traffic, leads and sales, a huge database of customers, etc, can be compromised in just a single hacking attempt made by cybercriminals … [Read More…] 6 Common Tips to Fix WordPress Security Threats

If you’re like most, your website is the cornerstone of your business marketing. Because of this, your content management system (CMS) may come with a high price tag. But, do you have to pay as much as you think? Most companies go into business with zero knowledge of how to build a website, let alone … [Read More…] Are You Paying Too Much for Your Content Management System

It is undeniable that content marketing can help a small business grow exponentially. Using the right keywords, building your social network, and hosting webinars is sure to help your business head in the right direction. But you definitely need to start off on the right foot first! Managing all your blogs and social media posts … [Read More…] 5 WordPress Plugins for Content Marketing That You Need to Know About!

Cheap Wordpress Hosting

Working with a variety of clients, I have the “pleasure” of getting to know a wide variety of WordPress hosting providers. It only makes me feel better about my choice of Bluehost as my provider because I’ve encountered so many nightmares with the various providers that my clients have been saddled with. I’m not alone. … [Read More…] Cheap WordPress Hosting: Buyer Beware

How to sleep like a baby with Wordpress security and backups

Yes, I’ve had my site hacked before. Actually, it happened the weekend before a Monday event for which I expected over 600 people to be showing up at my site. It started with a strange email from my host (bluehost), which I received via my iPhone. Apparently my site had been compromised and they would … [Read More…] How I Sleep Like a Baby (While “My Team” Watches My WordPress Site)

Configuring new wordpress site

Welcome to Internet Marketing Lesson #3! In this series I’ll be going over the essential elements needed to market your services or products business online – in order from zero to your first sale! I’ll document the steps I go through and tell you which tools I use to get started, to get ramped up, … [Read More…] How To Install Your Self-Hosted WordPress Site