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If you run a private label business on Amazon or eBay, you are probably familiar with the stringent product image requirements you must follow to be eligible for selling on their marketplace. For example, in the case of Amazon, the requirements for the primary (or “MAIN”) product image clearly state “must have a pure white … [Read More…] AutoClipping Review: How to Instantly Remove Background from Images

Top 10 Free Tools to Take Your Workflow to the Next Level

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Size notwithstanding, most modern businesses looking to outcompete their competitors heavily rely on project management tools to accomplish almost every task. This is because project management tools not only makes collaboration easier but also help consolidate team productivity. Let’s be real for once, working in a business environment can be intimidating. Without the right working … [Read More…] Top 10 Free Tools to Take Your Workflow to the Next Level

CRM Tools

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A small business thrives and survives in a competition for three reasons: (1) it is a wonderful and tested brand, (2) it has a network of skilled professionals, and (3) it has an impressive marketing strategy. (3) it has an impressive marketing strategy. Your start-up business may need a hand from the best marketing channels … [Read More…] 8 Free CRM Tools to Help Skyrocket Success in Small Business

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As your marketing team grows (or as your network of collaborators grows), it becomes harder and harder to manage work via emails, spreadsheets and chat messages. When upgrading to a marketing collaboration tool, consider these five essential areas as you assess your options: 1) Document Collaboration – is it easy to collaborate on a document … [Read More…] 5 Essentials of a Marketing Collaboration Tool

Ultimate Lean Startup Tools List

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There are so many tools available today for the lean startup, solopreneur or small business. That’s part of the problem. Too many tools! In order to surface the best tools, we need to use the wisdom of the crowd. This is the best overall list of tools that I’ve found with 199 items (as of … [Read More…] The Best Lean Startup Tools (List)

Great news discovery tool - Infomous

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Move aside boring word clouds or lists of resources – enter Infomous. This awesome interactive word cloud tool allows you to display the contents of a search, trending topics, or the contents of one or more blogs and websites. It’s great to play around with but also has some practical applications, such as giving your … [Read More…] Infomous – An Awesome Blog Post and News Discovery and Display Tool