Whiteboard Animation Video

With people’s attention span taking a nosedive, it’s important to use other marketing tools to maintain readership. This is where video content comes in. According to an article published in 2015 by the Time magazine, it takes 4 seconds for a reader to click away from your page. However, not all videos will work to … [Read More…] Top 10 Tips on How to Create a Stunning Whiteboard Animation Video

Humanity as a Winning Factor in Postmodern Branding

This is a Sponsored post from EssayPRO.com Being human in the present time seems like a core element when it comes to brands. Apparently, it is what could lead to the success of the brand. The audience is the one driving a company to take action in order to work towards success, but this doesn’t … [Read More…] Humanity as a Winning Factor in Postmodern Branding

Video might have killed the radio star, and it seems it is targeting the written word as its next victim. Because let’s face it: the “golden era” of blogging (2002 – 2012) has long gone. This doesn’t mean that blogging is dead, and you should most certainly have a quality, well-maintained blog on your website. … [Read More…] YouTube Marketing: Do These 20 Things To Get The Most Out Of Your Video Campaigns (Infographic)

Close Sales with These 9 Marketing Video Types

Did you know that more video content is being uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. TV networks have created in 30 years? As incredible as it sounds, this statement leads to one main conclusion: people love online videos. Being a marketer, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to boost your sales with the benefits … [Read More…] Close Sales with These 9 Marketing Video Types

The emerging trends of the constantly changing content market are presently focussed on videos. It is seen that video content marketing has been a huge hit in the past year with innumerable traffic driving in. With the success of video marketing in the last year, it can definitely be presumed that video content production investment … [Read More…] Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business in 2018

Using explainer videos is a smart and effective way to promote your business. The reason is pretty simple—explainer videos are interactive and better “explainer”, especially when it comes to educating about complex topics or services. A viewer is likely to be attracted by an explainer video than a chunk of texts over the webpage. According … [Read More…] How to Make an Explainer Video That Can Boost Your Revenue?