How Businesses and Entrepreneurs Can Plan Around Taxes


Running a startup takes up more than all your waking hours. There are a zillion things to attend to and you have very little time left to even care about taxes and deadlines. Taxes become a nightmare when you have no well-maintained account books and when you have no professional knowledge/guidance. Messy account books can … [Read More…] 6 Things Startups Should Bear In Mind When Filing Their Taxes

Have you ever wondered why certain startups fail, while others become unexpected home runs? On one hand, there certainly is no shortage of depressing reports that indicate only 10% of startups survive, and on the other, we have inspiring examples like “The Chicken Whisperer” who go on to become stalwarts in their business niche. Who … [Read More…] 5 Reasons Every Startup Must Do Content Marketing

Startup Failure Lessons


We all know that startups fail frequently and it’s not always limited to the ones that couldn’t get funding. Many very well-funded startups fail when they don’t live up to expectations or run into operational (or cash flow) problems. In this infographic from Wrike, learn the 10 reason startups fail. If you’re part of a … [Read More…] Why Startups Fail: 10 Reasons