As fun and addicting as social media can be, using it to successfully market a brand is no picnic. With over two and a half billion worldwide users (and growing), effective strategies and trends seemingly come and go by the hour. Being that the gargantuan stream of information moves at an incredibly fast, non-stop pace, … [Read More…] 9 Social Media Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Engagement

6 Creative Ways to Get Instagram Followers (Without Commenting)

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In the last five years, social media has exploded. Not only have the platforms and applications increased in number, but the segment of the world’s population on at least one social media platform and the average time spent by social media users each day has dramatically increased (Source: Statista’s records). This is excellent news for … [Read More…] Why These 5 Tools Hold the Key To Social Media Marketing Success

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2016, the year is rapidly drawing to a close. Before you know it, we’ll be into the holidays, and New Years Day will be looming at the door. Experienced marketers are looking toward the future, therefore, and thinking about the next big trends in social media marketing. Being … [Read More…] The Future of Social Media Marketing: What’s Trending?

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