Just like in other aspects of human life, Artificial Intelligence is influencing social media marketing in many ways. So great is the significance of AI in this sector that some of the world’s largest brands are implementing it. Companies such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have run great AI-based social web marketing strategies. Due to the … [Read More…] The Revolutionizing Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media Marketing

Best Social Marketing Books You Should Read

Every great social marketer knows that every day is an opportunity to learn more and earn more. Therefore, successful marketing experts take time to read and expand their knowledge. Although a daily read doesn’t seem as much, all the extra information adds up and yields results later on. Do you want to improve and advance? … [Read More…] Best Social Media Marketing Books: You Should Read

How to Build your Email List with Social Media

Apart from the fact that email marketing remains to be the channel with the highest ROI, you don’t want to be too dependent on social platforms. Changing search algorithms and the hypercompetitive beast of the attention economy are also a couple of reasons why you need to keep building your email list. And that’s not … [Read More…] How to Build your Email List with Social Media

Social Marketing

By now everybody knows that social media marketing works, but whenever you deal with something this opaque, you are bound to start running into misconceptions and “best practices” that might be divorced from reality. Today, we’re going to look at 4 scientific studies that will change your social media marketing approach by offering you the … [Read More…] 4 Studies That Will Change How You Approach Social Marketing

Since the dawn of digital media, the consumers are expecting brands to interact with them in the way that is more human. In a one-way conversation, a brand continuously markets its products and doesn’t acknowledge or interact with their prospects. This doesn’t help the brands to know and nurture their consumer’s needs and hence result … [Read More…] How to Create a Facebook Messenger Bot and Ways it can Grow Your Business Audience

For the social media marketers, all such campaigns on Facebook mean a lot! Right? Well, why shouldn’t it be? Facebook is ‘The Most Popular’ social media platform nowadays. But, you might have sometimes gone through some bad experiences with your B2B Facebook ad campaigns. The things like bad conversions, low CTR etc. might have hampered … [Read More…] How to Almost Triple CTR with B2B Facebook Ads