Social Selling Strategy

Social media captures attention far and wide, keeping people glued to their phones, laptops, and tablets on a nearly-24/7 basis. We go to our social feeds for entertainment, breaking news, networking opportunities, community events, and — of course — retail inspiration. That last element is of particular interest to online sellers who are always on … [Read More…] How To Nail A Large Scale Social Selling Strategy In 6 Steps?


One of the biggest struggles of every SaaS company out there is increasing retention and reducing churn. In other words, making sure that people who sign up for the SaaS switch from free to paid plans and stay on the paid plans. There are plenty of ways to do this, and not all of them … [Read More…] Facebook Community for SaaS Product – The Whys and Hows

Social Media

Everyone has a social media account and people use it to stay connected with their friends, family and the rest of the global community. Big businesses and companies have put their efforts in digital marketing on social media because of the huge impact of social in people’s lives. Billions of people are on their social … [Read More…] Interesting Facts About Social Media

When you think about influencer marketing, you may think of big-name celebrities like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Kim Kardashian. In other words, you imagine someone with a pretty astronomical fan base. However, a more realistic, and effective approach for brands might start with thinking small, or “micro”. After all, studies suggest that 82% of … [Read More…] What is Micro-Influencer Marketing, and How Can It Boost Ecommerce Traffic?

More companies, especially small to midsize businesses, are hiring web design firms. That’s led to a lot of opportunities, but also plenty of competition. That competition is coming from all around the world. To stay relevant and marketable, you must be prepared to offer your services on a global scale. You may already be using … [Read More…] 10 Hacks to Promote Your Web Design Startup on Instagram

Growing your business’ social media presence can be difficult; it takes time, effort, and often money to grow a huge following on platforms like Instagram. Many large companies have dedicated social media teams, focused solely on creating social media content and growing accounts. Not all businesses have those resources, however. No matter how small or … [Read More…] Instagram Hacks You Need To Grow Your Business in 2019