If people who don’t know you want to find out about you, guess where they look? Facebook? Probably not at first. LinkedIn. Possibly, but probably not the first place they look either. If people want to find out about you, they’ll most likely “Google You”!Do you know where you rank? Click to Tweet This Here … [Read More…] How to Rank in Google for Your Own Name (Infographic)

Pinterest and SEO for business

Guest post by Kristina Holmes If you manage a niche blog or an eBusiness, you probably already know about the importance of developing and implementing a strong Search Engine Optimization¬†(SEO) campaign that includes targeted keyword research and link building. 1) Keyword Targeting on Your Site Keyword targeting involves compiling a list of targeted words and … [Read More…] 3 Ways to Use SEO and Pinterest To Grow Your Blog or eBusiness

Google Search is displayed in a minimalist package which hides the true power behind the scenes. Let’s explore some advanced Google Search Tips and Tricks that you can do right from the standard Google search page. So open up Google in a new window and give these a try! Advanced Google Search: Some of my … [Read More…] Advanced Google Search Tricks and Tips

The other day I was reading in the San Jose Mercury News about how Costco was finally going to optimize its site, Costco.com. It hadn’t focused on or cared about search engine optimization (SEO) at all until it finally realized that competitors like Amazon.com and Walmart.com were eating its lunch online. The company realized that … [Read More…] The Great SEO MindSchmuck: Why businesses just don’t get SEO

Google Keyword Rank

I know my SEO. In fact, I wrote a book about it (The SEO Boot Camp). I don’t use SEO exclusively to get traffic to my sites, but it’s one of several components of my marketing mix. Anyway, this story isn’t about me, it’s about a nice surprise that I was able to provide to … [Read More…] Do You Know Where Your Pages Rank in Google?

What is SEO? Periodic Table

I’m often asked about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by potential clients, when I’m teaching a course, or when I’m speaking in front of a group on a related topic. It’s a very misunderstood and mysterious topic for many so I’ll try to clear some of that up here in this post. The Basic Definition The … [Read More…] What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Explained