Long Tail Keywords help you grow

A Little Longtail Can Go a Long Way Grey carpet, grey carpets, grey carpets Swindon, grey carpets in Swindon – head term keywords can be so boring. Yes, they’re crucial, but they’re not the be all and end all. Longtail keywords are a whole different kettle of fish and can be just as helpful as … [Read More…] A Little Longtail Can Go a Long Way

How to Conduct an SEO Website Audit with Free Tools

Guest post by Kapil Jekishan Carrying out an SEO audit on your website allows you to analyze its current SEO state and take informed steps to maximize its future performance. Audits are also a useful way to gain an insight into the SEO strategy used by your competition. By analyzing you website’s source code it is … [Read More…] How to Conduct an SEO Audit Using Free Tools

How Local Listings Help Your SEO

Guest post by Sanket Patel Today, local business information is available at the click of mouse.  The advancement in technology has helped people explore local services and products online – both via computers and mobile phones. It was found in one study, that before making a purchase, 97% of people use the Internet to find … [Read More…] How Local Business Listings Help Your SEO Campaign

(Note: click the picture for a larger version) I’ve been asked by clients before – can you tell who’s searching online? Can you tell if Procurement Managers for industrial manufacturers are searching for your products? Can you tell that warehouse managers are searching for your products? No, not really. There’s no tool that tells you … [Read More…] SEO Tutorial: Getting into the Heads of your Ideal Clients

Search in the Real World

On NPR’s Science Friday radio program, I heard an interview with Microsoft Research Lab co-director Eric Horvitz. He was telling a story about how search results impact people’s perception. How Search Impacts “Cyber-Chondriacs” In the story, people who had a severe headache would search for it in search engines. Search results listing “brain tumor” as a … [Read More…] Search Engine Results Don’t Mirror the Real World

Why Your Tech Startup Needs an SEO Content Strategy

Everybody loves a shiny new tool. That includes the press, bloggers and tech junkies. This means that new startups with a unique solution to an old (or new) problem can quickly become media darlings. Becoming featured in Forbes, Inc, Business Week, Tech Crunch, Mashable, and on and on. You get the picture. When your tech … [Read More…] Why Your Tech Startup Needs an SEO Content Strategy (All Shiny Objects Eventually Get Dull)