No business, small or big, can afford to ignore the power of SEO. With more than 67 thousand searches being performed on Google every second, SEO has become a vital part of an organization’s online marketing strategy. In fact, according to the Search Engine Journal, 93 percent of all online experiences begin with the search … [Read More…] 4 SEO Tools You Should Be Using Already

SEO - Strategies Students Should Incorporate in their Studies

39 percent of total global Ecommerce traffic comes from searches about relevant keywords. 61 percent of marketers have cited SEO as being a priority. 41 percent of the advertising budget is spent on online marketing by most firms. These statistics illustrate one thing- SEO is essential. This comes as no surprise. After all, we live … [Read More…] Are SEO Companies Worth The Money?

Ignoring - Not Seeing

We all know that you can optimize your website to increase web traffic with strategies like paid advertisements on social media and Google (e.g. Adwords), SEO, social media campaigns with influencers, and so on. These are the big boys when it comes to improving web traffic. However, there are also a lot of little things … [Read More…] The Little Bits of Your Website You’re Ignoring

SEO Tips For Medical Websites

Everyone needs medical help at one point or another, whether they’re looking for a general physician, a specialist, or hospital care.  When people search for a medical practice or service one of the first places they go to is the internet. The search result pages could show hundreds or even thousands of different websites.  Most … [Read More…] How to Do SEO for Medical Websites?

SEO And Press Release

Can press release increase SEO rankings in 2019? Press releases are tied up with search engine optimization in the earlier days. Do you think it is still useful to increase SEO ranking in 2019? Sadly, a lot of marketers aren’t aware of how they can optimize their content well that they end up getting kicked out … [Read More…] How Do Press Releases Boost SEO Rankings in 2019?

How to Find Out if Your SEO Strategy is Actually Working for Your Brand

2019 is around the corner, and it’s time to evaluate your SEO strategies to find out if they actually work. You need to be ready with your updated and improved SEO strategies for the upcoming year. Since you invest a good amount of your time and resources into SEO, it’s important to find out if … [Read More…] How to Find Out if Your SEO Strategy is Actually Working for Your Brand