Five Google Penalty Case Studies

Having built your online business from scratch it’s often hard to gulp the fact that your website has received a penalty. More often than not, it might not have been caused as a result of your involvement. You may have entrusted some well-known SEO company to handle the SEO part. Initially, things might have looked … [Read More…] Five Google Penalty Case Studies

When I first started trying to rank my new website – I thought I needed as much traffic as possible. While you obviously do want to get plenty of traffic – you also want to make sure it’s the right sort of traffic. The trouble was, the keywords I was targeting were fairly broad. They … [Read More…] How To Get Targeted Traffic From Uncontested Keywords

Between RankBrain, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Google’s algorithm does a great job at determining what users want answers to and strives to provide the highest quality answers available. But as advanced as search queries may be, there’s still room for even more clarity. That’s where keywords come in. When you are building a search … [Read More…] How to Use Negative Keywords to Reduce Wasted Spend

Google is known for bringing out numerous algorithm updates every year. Whenever a new algorithm makes an entry or a major change is made to its existing algorithm by the search engine giant, webmasters and SEOs begin preparations for changing their strategies, lest their websites’ rankings or organic traffic get impacted. 2015 was no different … [Read More…] The Most Important 6 Google Search Algorithm Updates Of 2015


As mentioned in previous post, getting your site indexed by the top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) is a critical part of having your site found by searchers on the Internet. To put it simply, indexing means getting your site and all (or most) of it’s pages listed in the search engine’s database. … [Read More…] Getting Your Website Indexed in Yahoo