Small Business Blogging Myths

A lot of small businesses are daunted by the idea of writing for their blog (or starting one if they’re not blogging yet). They’re daunted because they think they have to write all the time. Or those who are blogging already feel like they’re not adding any value to their businesses because their traffic stats … [Read More…] 6 Small Business Blogging Myths Debunked

It’s no longer enough for businesses to just have a website and a company blog. To effectively market online , they need to engage in social media. Using social media platforms, they can connect with their potential customers and industry influencers and share and distribute their content. Getting Started with Social Media Learn the basics … [Read More…] Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

Small business blog

Blogging for a small business is different from blogging as a professional blogger (“problogger”) who is making money with advertisements or affiliate products on their site. As a small business, you benefit from your company blog in a variety of ways that make your situation different from an internet marketer or problogger. 1) Credibility The … [Read More…] 5 Ways Your Small Business Blog Can Help Your Company Thrive

The referral network how to guide

Guest post written by Peter Sandeen. The ability to give quality referrals has significant advantages. Not knowing whom to refer to an important contact can seriously undermine your credibility. The same applies to businesses and bloggers alike. Creating a network, of referable businesses, creates the most value to you and your customers – even more … [Read More…] Creating a Referral Network To Get More Leads

With all of the excitement about Facebook, Twitter and now, Google Plus, you might get so distracted that you forget about your blog. Big mistake! Your company blog is the best asset that your company has and should be the hub of all of your online marketing activities. Here’s why your Company Blog is your … [Read More…] Your Company Blog – why it’s still your online marketing hub

creative blog ideas

If you have a blog, then I’m sure you realize that you need to be creative in order to stand out. Sometimes the ideas just don’t flow – we all need a creative kick in the pants every once in a while! Take a look at these ideas below to get some inspiration and while … [Read More…] 7 Examples of Creativity To Get You Thinking…