Business Cards

If you are a freelancer or just started your own business, it’s essential for you to look appealing and relevant to the maximum prospects. It is also vital to figure out how your brand will look alike. Branding consists of various elements such as the company logo, website, and of course, the product itself. When … [Read More…] Top 10 Online Marketplaces to Get Cool Business Cards

When you operate a storefront on Main Street or in a mall, getting intimate with your customers is really no big deal. And not just in lingerie stores, either. They walk in and see your staff, and they can even speak with them. Sometimes customers get to know your staff well enough to ask about … [Read More…] How to Get Intimate with your Online Customers

Some days, you or your team are just not feeling it. Your creative juices have run dry. So what do you do? Answer: Change things up a bit. Check out these 13 resources to get you back on the creative track. Including resources like: Language is a virus (great writing prompts) Damn Interesting (fascinating true … [Read More…] Creative Slump? 13 Resources to Fix That Problem

3 Unusual Platforms for Promoting Your B2B Company (including “how-to’s”)

Looking for additional ways to promote your B2B company (or any company for that matter)? Well, you may be using the more obvious social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. But where else should you look to expand awareness of your brand? 1) Flipboard for Marketing Content curation is a hot topic and can drive awareness … [Read More…] 3 Unusual Platforms for Promoting Your B2B Company (including “how-to’s”)

5 Kinds of Marketing That Most Businesses Take for Granted

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), a company’s marketing budget depends on the industry, business size and growth stage. Small businesses with less than 5 million in revenue should have a seven to eight percent marketing budget. Marketing is critical to the success of any business because it is the key to building and … [Read More…] 5 Kinds of Marketing That Most Businesses Take for Granted

Is it hard to convince your boss, your employees or yourself why you should be blogging? If so, check out the following blogging statistics that show how powerful a business blog can be. They include facts such as: 80% of blog visits are new (awareness) 53% more traffic (awareness) Posting every day generates 4x more … [Read More…] 13 Blogging Statistics That Show Why You Should Blog