As a CEO or entrepreneur, productivity is key. You want to make sure you’re using every hour of your day in the best possible way so that no time is wasted. Because you want to be so productive, you may be in the habit of skipping lunch. Does this sound like you? We’re here to … [Read More…] 15 Ways to Leverage Your Lunch Break for Productivity

The 5 Tools To Create An Online Video Animation For Business Like A Pro

Creating a video animation has always been considered one of the most complex aspects of graphic design, which requires specific software and graphic design expertise. In addition, you must have a very powerful computer. Fortunately, today, things have changed. The emergence of numerous online video creation tools has simplified the process of creating animated videos. … [Read More…] The 5 Tools to Create an Online Video Animation for Business Like a Pro

Marketing Books Found In An Entrepreneur’s Library

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11 Tools For Effective Prospecting

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash Some things are easy, some things are hard, and then there’s prospecting. For many sales reps out there, prospecting is a challenge. Why? For starters, you can’t ‘finish’ prospecting like you can finish most of your other tasks. It’s something that salespeople have to do day in, day out. What’s … [Read More…] 11 Tools For Effective Prospecting

8 Work Management Solutions to be Pro at Project Management

You have landed in a great job in a digital marketing agency. Pertaining to your knowledge and experience, you are the right arm of your marketing project. Congratulations, you are the project manager You will be seen as the person in charge of the project, who has to keep things at a place to make … [Read More…] 8 Work Management Solutions to be Pro at Project Management

Running a business is an exercise in stress. As an entrepreneur you wear many hats and deal with multiple priorities. You have to please difficult people and meet tight deadlines. But if you are not careful, this incessant juggling can drive you a little crazy. It can, at any rate, stress you out, which will … [Read More…] Stress Buster 101 – Sure-Fire Ways for New Entrepreneurs to Beat Stress & Increase Productivity