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In the social media consulting work that I do, I work with a lot of clients across a variety of industries. To be most effective in working across and adjusting their marketing mix, I usually access almost all of their online accounts – including website analytics, website, social media platforms and directory listings. What used … [Read More…] 6 Risks Many Small Businesses Are Taking Online

Online Marketing Experts

Let’s be blunt here. There are so many people vying for attention online that it’s very hard to stand out. The top marketers don’t just do the basics and hope for the best. They’re actually working it, day in and day out. In both overt and subtle ways, they’re forging a path and attracting followers, … [Read More…] 7 Social Media Secrets Gleaned From The Experts

better marketing not more traffic

This is a guest post by Cassie Hicks of Women’s Way To Wealth ( Welcome to 2012! Perhaps you’ve decided this is the year to start blogging, or launch that new online business? What will you do first? If you’re like most people you’ll venture online to see what your options are and see how … [Read More…] It’s Not Traffic You Need, It’s Better Marketing

It’s 2012 and time for a fresh start! Now’s a great time to make strategic changes to enable your business to grow profitably in the new year. 7 Decisions To Make Consider making decisions on what needs to change in the following areas when pulling together your 2012 strategy. 1) Updates to our website or … [Read More…] 7 Marketing Decisions To Make in 2012

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Online marketing can produce incredible results for businesses who are willing to learn the ropes, work at it, and put themselves out there. These small businesses, whether they’re a florist, a pool seller, a roofer, a yoga studio, a real estate agent, a life coach or a craft creator, are the ones who have the … [Read More…] Marketing Your Small Business Online? 10 Tips From The Experts