landing page types

Guest post by Amanda DiSilvestro Landing pages are always going to be important because it is the first thing your users see. You want to make that good first impression; however landing pages aren’t all about looks. There are quite a few other aspects to the landing page that will impact its effectiveness — things … [Read More…] 5 Different Types of Landing Pages (and How to Choose the Right One)

A lot of people that I work with seem to have the following model in mind in building the online component of their business. Steps for a product-focused business: Offer a service or create a product Find people to sell it to Make a lot of money Quit selling “offline” or quit their day job … [Read More…] Is your business product-focused or audience-based?

Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

I’m a huge fan of not “reinventing the wheel”. So, as we close out 2012, I thought it would be a good time to check in with some of my favorite marketing experts to gather some of their valuable advice. I wanted to find out which lessons they learned the hard way so we could … [Read More…] 7 Business Lessons For Success in 2013 (from the experts)

Affiliate Marketing for Product Launches

Guest post by Karol K. Product launches are one of the most common marketing methods on the internet. In a nutshell, the basic idea is that you build up some awareness about your product, create anticipation, then launch it and hope for great results. That’s of course the best case scenario, and getting there will … [Read More…] Working With Affiliates For Your Product Launch

Wanted: Hand Talker for Google Driverless Car

As a commuter on Highway 280 in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve had numerous run-ins with the Google Driverless Car (as well as the Google Maps, mapping cars). The other day my daughters and I ran into the newest version, a customized Lexus RX350. I asked Sophie to take some pictures and shoot a … [Read More…] Wanted: Hand Talker for Google Driverless Car

Sales Process and Customer Service Social Media Fails

Earlier today, I ordered a sandwich and asked for “no onions”. I’m not a fan of uncooked onions in general. Well, of course I got the sandwich full of onions. No big deal. I pulled them out (they even made a nice picture, don’t you think?). Now, I’m not a good Yelper because I don’t … [Read More…] How Sales Process #Fails are Killing Your “Online” Results