One of the best ways to generate leads for your business is to create a landing page. As a stand-alone web page, created to achieve a specific goal, the conversion rate of a landing page is relatively high. It can help you boosts the visibility of your products and services, help you drive more sales, … [Read More…] Infographic: How To Build a High-converting Landing Page

Reputation Management

In the digital age, a positive online reputation is imperative for businesses of all types and sizes. A few poor reviews and negative posts on any social media platform can ruin your brand’s image that took you so long to build. If not handled properly, reputation management can ultimately spell the end of your business. … [Read More…] 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Reputation Management Firm

  Over the past decade, marketing has witnessed a radical change ― it has gone almost exclusively online. And for good reason. Online marketing or internet marketing, more commonly referred to as digital marketing, has remarkable benefits over traditional marketing. While traditional marketing techniques (TV, print, flyers, billboards, radio, etc.) are still employed by big … [Read More…] 4 Ways You Can Become Pro at Digital Marketing as a Newbie

While most companies today have a digital marketing strategy, not many are actively controlling theirs. What does that mean? That they cannot shape the opinions formed behind their back on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or other social media websites. What they should realize by now is that customer opinion will form, and it is always better to … [Read More…] How Do You Evaluate Digital Marketing Performance?

Revolution in Digital Marketing: Strategies to Look for 2019

Over the last decade or so the world has established a change in viewpoint from analog to digital. Now a day’s individuals seek for a wide range of information online making digital marketing the most ideal approach for businesses to connect with targeted clients. Digital marketing, basically, can’t be ignored on the grounds that what … [Read More…] Revolution in Digital Marketing: Strategies to Look for 2019

6 Creative Ways to Get Instagram Followers (Without Commenting)

For many years, following Instagram users and leaving comments on their content has been the single best way to grow your following. But with the platform now becoming more mature, and the users on it more savvy, it’s time to look for new ways to market your channel. Instagram has a hard limit on follows … [Read More…] 6 Creative Ways to Get Instagram Followers (Without Commenting)