Combine Online & Offline Marketing Effectively

With more than half of all shopping being conducted on the Internet, online marketing is important. But, a lot of these online shoppers still first hear of businesses and companies while offline. They may hear radio ads, read newspaper or magazine ads, or meet you in person at an exhibition or expo, and then visit … [Read More…] How to Effectively Combine Your Offline And Online Marketing Campaigns?


Guest post by Charlton Rodes The layout of promotional material can essentially affect the success of your ad. It’s all a matter of graphic design, and whether your advert is physical or electronic, there are some principals you can follow. Whatever message you’re trying to convey, it will have a higher success rate in generating … [Read More…] The Importance of Layout in Your Marketing Materials

The world of marketing is changing. First, businesses had to accommodate the World Wide Web in their marketing strategies with SEO, PPC, and search engine rankings transforming the way the promoted a business. Then came social media marketing, and the balance shifted again. And most recently, Google’s algorithm updates have made marketers question everything they’ve … [Read More…] How to Implement a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign