Skyrocket Your Lead Generation Efforts

In 2012, Xerox created a campaign and named it “Get Optimistic”. In the campaign, the company connected with 30 top accounts. It also collaborated with “Forbes” and created a magazine to offer relevant business tips to its corporate clients. Let us have a look at the result: Compared to the previous email-campaigns, the readership improved … [Read More…] How You Can Generate Free B2B Leads for Your Business with Content Marketing

5 Psychological Principles That Will Double Your Opt-in Form's Conversions

If you have an online business where your goal is to build an email list, making sure your opt-in form is converting at its best is crucial. Although there are tons of advice online when it comes to increasing email opt-ins, there are still a good number of brands and businesses that don’t make use … [Read More…] How to Double Your Opt-in Form’s Conversions Using Psychological Principles?

“Thought leaders do not become thought leaders by trying to be one; that’s an external focus that only satisfies the ego and blocks true enlightenment on any subject. A thought leader has a singular, internal focus on achieving mastery of a particular discipline.” – Sam Fiorella   Thought leadership has become quite the buzzword in … [Read More…] 4 Key Strategies for Demonstrating Superior Thought Leadership


Online forms can sometimes become a forgotten factor in the sales process. However, marketers and consumers may be surprised at how well they can streamline and manage leads. As customers spend more time interacting with brands online, there needs to be a way to effectively initiate conversation. Online forms act as the first impression of … [Read More…] The 1-2-3 Guide to Nurturing Leads with Online Forms

When measuring the success of your lead generation campaign, relying on the quantity of inquiries you receive can leave you in a sticky spot. Created by Charlotte SEO agency, Straight North, “The Importance of Lead Validation” presentation indicates that about half of the inquiries flowing through a company’s site aren’t sales leads. Lead validation is … [Read More…] The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing

How to Find a Startup Co-founder

When you have a startup idea that you think is a winner, often the biggest missing element that keeps you from moving forward is finding a co-founder. This can be one of the hardest parts of actually getting a startup moving from idea to project. Often people need someone with complementary skills. In other cases, … [Read More…] How to Find a Startup Co-founder (Infographic)