Getting Things Done - Tim Lincecum

Completion. One of the most important skills in business is COMPLETION. Can you finish what you start? Do you finish your projects? Do you know when to stop analyzing and when to start wrapping up? Or do you get stuck in analysis paralysis and need a bit of nudging, direction or help to close it … [Read More…] Getting Things Done…Are You A starter Or A Closer?

Sometimes I get the question that goes like this… “This shouldn’t be so hard. What’s the easy way to market my business online?” People want easy solutions. Something you can sign up for and your business will automatically pop to the top of Google search for your target keywords. Or some place they can post … [Read More…] The Myth of Easy. Why You Don’t Want Easy Online Marketing

I saw Peter Shankman speak live for the first time during Blog World LA (where he delivered one of the keynote presentations). He’s a very entertaining presenter and he also has a ton of wisdom to share. What follows are the 19 lessons I took away from Peter’s presentation. This does not track exactly with the … [Read More…] 19 Lessons From Peter Shankman – Blog World LA Keynote

No, I’m not talking about a beer gut, those few extra pounds or getting punched in the gut here. I’m talking about using your gut for making decisions. Becoming Extinct As a decision-making tool the gut is going the way of the dinosaurs. We have tons of data-gathering tools, tried and true strategies, proven formulas, … [Read More…] Your Under-rated Gut