7 Productivity Benefits of Work Breaks

Staying healthy and happy keeps us productive. Consider these 7 productivity benefits of taking breaks from work. 7 Reasons to Bring Back the Lunch Break from Wrike The 7 reasons breaks improve our productivity: 1) Healthy food boosts your energy 2) A change of scenery helps you focus 3) Exercise boosts your productivity 4) Socializing … [Read More…] 7 Productivity Benefits of Breaks From Work

When starting any new venture, motivation can be one of those things that can either help or hinder your progress. When your motivation runs dry, you ponder giving up. When you get inspired by others who’ve done it before, you push just that much harder. See the following quotes on how to launch a startup … [Read More…] How to Launch a Startup w/ 31 Quotes (Infographic)

7 Startup Funding Options (Infographic)

If you’ve got a great idea and the start of a team in place, then the next step is often funding. There are several ways to finance your new startup including: Bootstrapping Crowdfunding Friend and Family Traditional Lenders Angel Investors Incubators Venture Capitalists See the following infographic for details about each. If you have any … [Read More…] 7 Startup Funding Options (Infographic)

Managers from Hell

We’ve all had managers who were tough to work for. Many of us have also been managers ourselves. For those who are managers now, do you think you’re easy to work for? Take a look at these 5 types (and the real life stories that inspired them) and see if you’re one. Are you… The … [Read More…] 5 Managers From Hell (and Lessons You Can Learn)

Employee productivity

Improving productivity does not always involve making financial investments or offers to your employees. Often, there are underlying issues in the manager/employee relationship that can cause strain on the effectiveness of work produced during office hours. For small businesses having the right employees and getting the most out of them is crucial to your success. … [Read More…] 5 Ways To Make Your Employees More Effective