How to Effectively Price Your Products or Services - Feature Image

Being profitable and able to match all direct competitors are critical objectives for any business organization. Often times, these objectives are primarily accomplished through an effective pricing strategy. A well-thought-out pricing strategy from the get-go cannot only optimize both the sales volume and profit of your business but also positions your business at the forefront … [Read More…] How to Effectively Price Your Products or Services [Infographic]

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Nowadays, if people can’t find you on the internet, you don’t exist. So, even small local businesses must have a strong presence on the web. But what does it take to design a great local business site? The experts at WebAlive has recently published an infographic that shows 53 must have features for any local … [Read More…] 53 Essential Features for Local Business Websites (Infographic)

You’ve probably tried your hand at local SEO and found that it’s not as easy as you had hoped. Or maybe you’re just starting out with it and you’re somewhat stuck in the beginning. This is perfectly normal because local SEO is much trickier than your usual search engine optimization. Read on to find out … [Read More…] How to Rank a Website Locally: Local SEO Guide

How secure is your WordPress website? Do you use a unique username and password to access it? Have you installed security plug-ins to ward off those pesky intruders? Is your hosting company offers extra security measures like file detection scanning and aggressive network firewall? If the answer to all of these questions is “No! I’m … [Read More…] 10 WordPress Security Tips to Defend Your Site from Hackers

Digital marketing agencies are taking their strategies a step further, as changes rain on the industry. The cornerstones of digital marketing have transitioned from being “all about the business” to being “all about the business AND the customer”. If there’s anything agencies should understand first, it’s that changes will always be the constant element in … [Read More…] 13 Stats Every Digital Marketer Should Know for 2016