Influencer Marketing

In a world where customers are turning a blind eye to the content that is traditional marketing, influencer marketing is helpful in breaking the ice. Organic influencer content is helpful in getting the brand messages to the customers better than ever. Think about the reviews of product from influencers. It is evaluated that around 67% … [Read More…] Influencer Marketing As a Lean and Effective Way to Grow a Small Business

The Influencer Markeing Revolution (Infographic) Feature image

One of the biggest marketing trends of the past decade, influencer marketing involves partnering with well-known online personalities who have sway over what people buy to promote products and services. Big and small brands alike have integrated influencer marketing as a central pillar of their digital promotion strategy, and 94% of marketers say that they … [Read More…] Micro or Macro Influencer: The Influencer Marketing Revolution [Infographic]

12 Game-Changing Hacks For Influencer Marketing

When it comes to influencers, we as marketers often think like Ross Geller. As a result, what we consider ‘Unagi’ possessed by influencers often turns out to be just another kind of Sushi. We end up falling into the trap of influencers who bring in little value because most of their followers either have been … [Read More…] 12 Game-Changing Hacks for Influencer Marketing

Seven Reasons to Add Influencer Marketing To Your Business Strategy

Internet users spend an average of 135 minutes per day on social media. Thence, marketers have shifted their major part of marketing strategy on social media platforms. However, Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective ways to make your brand popular among the massive audience. Celebrities are considered to live in a glamorized … [Read More…] 7 Reasons to Add Influencer Marketing To Your Business Strategy

Small businesses are at a huge advantage when it comes to reaching target audiences in a more authentic way, as smaller brands can easily be perceived as more genuine and “human”. Large corporations have to invest hefty sums in their marketing campaigns to form this type of connection with potential customers. Still, reaching target audiences … [Read More…] Why Small Businesses Should Work With Micro-influencers