Inbound marketing is an effective approach to growing your customer base by using contemporary digital methods to get customers to come to you. This contrasts with traditional outbound marketing, which utilizes a series of wider reaching approaches in order to garner the attention of customers (e.g. TV, radio and print advertising, cold calling, and trade … [Read More…] How Inbound Marketing can Improve ROI while Adding Value For Customers

Social media marketing is crucial to the success of any e-commerce venture. If you have the right strategy, you will drive more traffic to your website, create more brand awareness, enhance customer loyalty, increase conversions and subsequently grow your business. However, just having a presence on social networks such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ … [Read More…] How to Make the Most of Social Media for Ecommerce

The concept of inbound marketing is still relatively new. Take a look at this graph courtesy of Google Trends. As you can see, no one was really interested in inbound marketing until around late 2008. No concept or strategy can be refined if it hasn’t even hit the decennial mark. No one knew how to use the 3D in 3D movies as an actual service to the story until just a few years … [Read More…] Mistakes to Avoid in Your Inbound Marketing