The Best Day and Time to Send Your Email Marketing Messages

Guest post by Michael Zipursky Is your email marketing campaign not producing the results you want? Your message may be engaging, the formatting, graphics and fonts top notch, but if the recipient doesn’t open your email, you’re at a dead end. The culprit may not be the usual suspects. Instead, it may be an issue … [Read More…] The Best Day and Time to Send Your Email Marketing Messages

Recently I’ve been working with a lot of my clients on building their mailing lists. Everyone has learned that the “money’s in the list” (and it is). From the discussions, it’s clear that the psychology of the email sign-up is not intuitive. List-building is clearly nurture versus nature. “List-building is nurture versus nature. Learn 6 … [Read More…] 6 List-building Mistakes and Tools To Make It Easier

better marketing not more traffic

This is a guest post by Cassie Hicks of Women’s Way To Wealth ( Welcome to 2012! Perhaps you’ve decided this is the year to start blogging, or launch that new online business? What will you do first? If you’re like most people you’ll venture online to see what your options are and see how … [Read More…] It’s Not Traffic You Need, It’s Better Marketing


I’ve been there. The list I was managing by hand was just over 200 people. It was still in the realm of manageable but it was definitely not efficient or a good use of my time. Now that I have moved onto email marketing systems and email list management tools, there’s no going back. As … [Read More…] Managing or Starting an Email Marketing List