The Essentials of When & Why to Do Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is an exciting thing to learn and use. When you start growing your business, you eventually understand that working directly with each customer is no longer an option. This applies to the situations when you have to send an email to a certain group of users depending on their behavior on your website. … [Read More…] The Essentials of When & Why to Do Email Marketing Automation

Eight Mistakes Should Be Avoided in Email Marketing

As the famous adage goes, “Rumors of the demise of email marketing are grossly exaggerated.” When you consider that 2.5 billion people use email on a daily basis, it’s not a matter of email being dead. It’s a matter of how businesses are using email for their marketing purposes. And there’s the rub. Consumers access … [Read More…] Which Mistakes Should Be Avoided For Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing was always an extremely profitable strategy but with influencers, it’s even better. What they do is unique – they connect with people on a deep, human level. This is something that brands can easily leverage. Users trust influencers and if for example, one of them is using a product or a service, people … [Read More…] How To Use Influencers to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

You may think you have your email marketing strategy down to a tee. However, there are plenty of brands still falling at the first hurdle and making simple mistakes. When you send out an email, you have one chance to impress that recipient and as most other businesses are doing the same thing, competition is … [Read More…] 7 Mistakes You’re Making With Email Marketing

Overview Many top mobile app development companies create amazing apps for your business. You know these apps are unique with huge user benefits. But at the end, you experience difficulty in your quest to reach customers. It becomes more worrying because you cannot connect with your existing app users. One of the important missing links … [Read More…] How To Integrate Your App With Email Marketing During Mobile App Development

Email marketing is definitely one of the best tools to remind clients of your business and even to sell something right away. Although marketers tend to invest more money into social media and paid search these days, the fact remains that email campaigns still have by far the biggest ROI percentage. However, email campaigns demand a … [Read More…] Email Marketing Blunders Which Make Your Clients Run Away