In my line of work I run into a lot of businesses who have bought into the need for blog content to engage their customers, to have something to share in social media, and for the SEO benefits. I’m glad to see they’ve seen the light! The only problem is….the content. A lot of the … [Read More…] The 7 Dysfunctional Blog Types: Is Your Company Blog Suffering?


You can learn how to make a successful blog by reading other blogs, but often it’s hard to find it all in once place. Here’s my Ultimate How-to guide for your company blog with links to specific articles to get detailed information in the areas you or your business need the most help. Skim the … [Read More…] The Ultimate Business Blogging How To Guide

On occasion, an unloved company blog gets questioned. Why do we have that thing anyway? Just like an unloved pet spends its time moping around, living from meal to meal, an untouched blog looks lonely and adds little value. But in the right hands, and with proper “care and feeding”, a company blog, or an … [Read More…] 6 Powerful Ways Your Company Blog Can Drive New Business

blogs generation know, like, trust

I had the opportunity to meet Bob Burg this week and to hear him speak. Now, he’s a true master of sales, referrals and influence. One of the points he drives home in his books as well as in his lectures is the importance of allowing people Know, Like and Trust you (somehow the phrase … [Read More…] Your Blog is the Ultimate “Know, Like and Trust Generation Machine”

Blogs. Funny name – almost playful sounding. But the reality is that blogs are serious business. Whatever you call them – “timely article repositories”, “online company (or personal) magazines”, “multimedia web-based newsletters on steroids” – they are critical and are not going away. People Get A Huge Portion of Their News From Blogs (directly or … [Read More…] Sorry. The Web Runs On Blog Content (AKA The Blogging Manifesto)

why original blog content is important

Creating original blog content can be time-consuming. Some might also wonder, “What’s the point – isn’t there enough content out there already?”. I’ll describe my viewpoint on original content and why I continue to produce it for my blog as well as for clients’ blogs. Why Original Blog Content is Important: 1) It Establishes Your … [Read More…] 4 Reasons Why Original Blog Content is Important