Blog or ebook, which to write?

Post by Linda Dessau Both, of course! In this article I’ll discuss how blogs and books will grow your business, how you can build on one to write the other, and how your written words can enrich your offline promotional efforts. How a blog will help your business When you blog consistently about content that’s … [Read More…] Blog or Book, Which Should You Write?

Viral blog content

It’s like Deja Vu. I’ve had this same conversation with representatives from a Fortune 500 financial services company, with a B2B industrial lighting distributor and several consumer-facing companies like wineries, restaurants, real estate agents and retailers. It goes like this. Them: We have a blog. We don’t seem to get any traction. Should we continue … [Read More…] 6 Reasons Your Blog Content Won’t Go Viral

Local Business Blog

Guest post by Jeff Machado When people ask me the No. 1 change they should make to their website, I always the same thing: add a blog and update it often. But, the reality is starting a blog for your local business comes with unique challenges that can prevent you from gaining the momentum you need … [Read More…] 5 Traits of a Successful Local Business Blog

Guest post by Linda Dessau (see also #2:”Taking Your Online Relationships Offline” and #3: Taking You Local Networking Contacts Online) When I speak to business owners about blogging, sometimes I hear, “Does anyone even read these things?” or even, “Why bother?” There are plenty of online benefits to posting high-quality content on your business blog regularly, … [Read More…] How Business Blogging Can Build Your Credibility Offline

Start a company blog

It’s clear that companies that maintain a blog get more traffic, visits and leads via the Web. The “rub” is that it takes work. In the following video interview, I give my take on what it takes for a solopreneur, start-up, small business or a division of a corporation to get started. Let me know … [Read More…] How to Get Started With a Company Blog (Video)

6 Unavoidable Business Blogging Tasks

Guest post by Pratik Dholakiya So blogging is a rage, and it has been like that for a while. It also doesn’t seem to lose momentum, which is incredible. The only disappointment is that not all businesses have a blog although it’s been proven that blogging actually opens up more opportunities for businesses, generates leads, … [Read More…] 6 Unavoidable Tasks That Go With Business Blogging