Why Online Reviews are Becoming More Important for Business in 2019?

Why Online Reviews are Becoming More Important for Business in 2019?
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No matter what marketing technique you will choose to promote your products or services, potential customers will always take a look at your online reviews. While this may seem like something frightening, especially if you run a small business, do know that this is the best thing that can happen. It is not a secret that people value online reviews more than any product description you provide and this phenomenon is expected to grow. In other words, online reviews will only become even more important in the coming year.

Why online reviews are so important for small businesses?

When it comes to small businesses, the biggest challenge is to make people trust you. You need to find a way to show them that even if you are new on the market, you have what it takes to give them what they want and need.

How to do this? Well, this is where online reviews come into the scene. If you run a startup, positive online review offered by one of your happy customers is worth more than any marketing campaign you’ll put together. What people have to say about your products and services is seen as far more valuable than anything else by potential prospects.

So, besides focusing on delivering to the expectancies of your customers, you should also encourage them to offer a review as well. You can do this by setting an automated message after each purchase or by sending them a follow-up as a result of their purchase, inquiring about their personal experience and telling them that a review will be much appreciated.

What if some of the online reviews will be not that great?

The thought of receiving a negative online review probably haunts every business owner. The truth is that this can happen, as it is very hard to satisfy each and every customer. If you do wake up one morning and come across one of those left by one of your former clients, don’t panic. You can turn this in your favor if you know how, even if this may appear like a mission impossible.

You see, it is awkward for a business to receive only positive reviews. No matter how hard you try, you can’t be perfect. Thus, a negative review will keep things real and show people that you are human, after all. By using diplomacy in such cases, you will show people that you are indeed doing your best to improve your products and services. So, after being grateful for the received review, come up with a solution to the problem of your discontent customer and the promise that things will shortly improve.

Also, see the online reviews that are not that great as valuable information that will lead to the improvement of your services. With the help of observations coming from your clients, you’ll be able to grow your business in a successful manner. Your customers can point toward the weak spots of your business, which may be harder to notice from your position.

Why do I need online reviews for my business in 2019?

Allow us to put it this way. People trust online reviews just as much as they would trust a personal recommendation made by one of their friends. More precisely, 84% of the people that use the Internet consider online reviews as very important when making a choice, while 91% will periodically check the reviews of a website, as mentioned in this article released by Inc.

Perhaps it is time to see online reviews in a different way and, actually, consider them as an extra engine that can boost your sales. Of course, you should channel all your effort and attention into generating positive reviews, but even if you receive negative reviews you can still leverage this aspect in your favor. You just need to get your hands on those customer reviews if you want to start building a reputation in the shortest and most effective way possible.

The importance of online reviews will only grow in 2019, as more and more Internet users will realize that they are much better than commercials, newsletters, and other types of marketing strategies. A person that actually tried a product or service and is willing to share his or her personal experience in the online environment is very well regarded. With the help of reviews, your clients can turn into real-life ambassadors of your brand and company, so make sure to keep this in mind.

Besides all these, people start their shopping session by doing some research first, which underlines just how important reviews are. Today’s buyers want to make sure that the products or services they are about to purchase are indeed suitable for their needs and preferences. And they will take into account what former customers will have to say about the products and services they’re interested in.

Bottom line

As a strategy suitable for 2019, you should dedicate m9ore time and resources to online reputation management. This will include, of course, the management of online reviews, as they have a great impact when building your online presence and reputation. You have to bear in mind that the way you manage your business’s online reputation can significantly influence your revenues. So, it is worth looking for methods that will help you handle this part better than before.

Also, a great online reputation and a good number of positive reviews will help not just with increasing your number of sales, but will also attract talents toward your business. Thus, if you’ll need to recruit new employees, it will be easier for you to find them. Everybody wants to work for a company with a great online reputation. So, make sure to invite your clients to leave reviews and make sure to answer to the reviews you receive. Even if you don’t have the time to answer to all of the reviews your business receives, at least take the time to answer to those that invested time and effort in writing a detailed review.

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