Why your Company should Use Proxy Services – Here are 5 Reasons

Digital Normad


Digital Normad

Storm proxies have become popular with so many companies embracing their use, especially the residential proxies types. You might be wondering, why should your company embrace the use of proxies? For a common person, proxy servers might just be associated with unblocking things like Netflix content for other countries or being secure on an open WiFi. But the truth is that proxy servers tend to do more than just making them very important for businesses.

Proxy servers tend to be simple intermediary mechanisms that are used between a computer that has a private IP address and another server that is on the internet. The proxy server has its IP address that is made public. You can utilize a proxy server for important business functions that are related to everything ranging from security to the customer experience.

There are several reasons why as a company, you should utilize proxies even if you are not involved in the technological side of things.

1. Improve institutional and corporate security

Every company in the modern world is worried about online hackers. It is costly to have a data breach both in terms of public image and monetary loss. With a proxy server, you will be able to reduce the chances of having a breach.

There is an additional layer of security that is added by the proxy servers between the outside world and your server. Because the proxy servers can face the internet and be able to relay requests from computers that are on an outside network, they act as buffers.

2. Anonymously carry out sensitive tasks

Proxy tends to be the best known due to its ability to go through the web traffic anonymously. But most people fail to realize the importance of these functions in their businesses. Whistleblowers, reporters, and security personnel count on these added layers of security which is offered by the proxy servers to protect themselves, their companies, their sources, partners and clients.

You have the potential to better protect any current development or research and other activities in the company. Any potential spy who tries to track traffic from your web to find out more about your business development will not be able to track it as easily as a company that doesn’t utilize a proxy server. Any sensitive tasks which are completed over the internet tend to be more secure when they are, first of all, anonymized using a proxy.

3. Traffic is balanced to ensure that your server doesn’t crash

There is nothing that annoys customers as compared to a website of a company that keeps going down when they require it. Proxy servers, peering and cloud data storage tend to help in improving the experience of the customer by ensuring that the break down doesn’t occur.

Your website content and data is stored across various servers across the globe in the cloud, and with peering, it helps your network to have the capacity to handle large traffic. You will not have to ask the client to try out different ISPs to reach out to the content on your website.With a proxy server, a single web address is created which serves as an access point.

It will also be able to balance the requests to each of the servers and thus, there is none which will be overloaded. This works in the background to make it possible for the customer to have a seamless experience while on your website.

4. Control how employees use the internet

No company wants its employees to access inappropriate or insecure websites while on the company network. That is the reason why most internal networks like to run on proxy servers.  When the access is done through a proxy server, the administrators of the network control which device will access what network and the type of websites those devices can visit.

Undesirable content can be blocked, as well as any sites that you don’t want employees using while on the company time.  For internal purposes, the network administrators can be able to record the content which is being accessed and utilize it for internal purposes. Many of the security officers use this type of control to monitor potential activities that are illegal or breaches of security.

5. Bandwidth savings and faster speeds

Because of the extra background work which is accomplished by the proxy servers, some assume that it tends to slow down the speed of the internet. This is not true. Proxy servers can be used to increase the speed of the internet as well as save on bandwidth on a network through traffic compression, file caching and web pages accessed by various users and removing ads from websites. With that, precious bandwidth is freed on busy networks. This will make your team to access the internet easily and quickly.