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Try These 4 Top Agile Project Management Tools to Keep Your Projects on Track

Since the Agile Manifesto in 2001, the focus of project management has gradually shifted from the traditional ‘waterfall’ method towards a more adaptive model known as Agile. The agile model is now being used in various departments such as marketing, accounting and HR (apart from the IT department) within a company. So, project managers are constantly on the lookout for agile project management trainings and tools to help them keep their projects on track.

The best agile management tools score high on the following factors:

Agile Reporting and Tracking: The tools should be able to track all kinds of metrics such as time and progress, create easy-to-understand reports, and ensure quality assurance goals for the projects.

  • Effective Communication: Agile tools must support communication between teams and team members. Communication includes incoming feedback and task lists, among others. They should also be able to provide the necessary information (in the most understandable form) to stakeholders and managers who may or may not be directly involved in the project.
  • Performance Evaluation: The tools should efficiently evaluate performance, identify and provide the required feedback based on the assessment, locate errors, and so on.

Let us take a look at the top 4 agile tools:

  1. ActiveCollab

Agile project management is not just for big players, but can help small businesses grow as well. ActiveCollab is designed specifically for the small businesses. It is not only affordable, but also easy-to-use, so project managers and team members can use it without any trouble.
ActiveCollab Project Management Screenshot

The major characteristics of this tool include powerful document management, priority and task control, email-based communication features and efficient budgeting features. It also helps project managers to control and track multiple projects at a time.

ActiveCollab is available at $49/month for up to 15 team members. The self-hosted version is available at $499.

  1. Targetprocess

Targetprocess was designed with the motto ‘think visually, work effectively’ and it describes the software as ‘visual project management,’ since the visual possibilities it offers are the key selling points of this agile tool. While Targetprocess is mostly used for managing scrums, it can also be used to manage waterfall, kanban or other processes.
TargetProcess Project Management Screenshot

The major features offered by this tool include pre-prepared solutions for every team member, graphical reports and dashboards, quality assurance, bug tracking, test case management, etc. Targetprocess can be hosted either on your own premises or in the environment provided by it.

The tool can be used for free up to 1,000 entities, where entities mean requests, bugs, tasks, and so on. The paid version starts from $20 per user per month for unlimited entities, premium support and free training.

  1. VersionOne

Ranked as the eighth most popular project management software in the world, VersionOne can help any business achieve goals faster. It offers intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be customized to suit any style of the agile model (scrum, XP, DSDM, etc.) used by the team.  According to VersionOne, ‘this software is for end-to-end enterprise agile lifecycle management.’
VersionOne Project Management Screenshot
The major features of VersionOne include sprint planning, test management, idea management, agile portfolio management, and timeline project tracking. Some specific features available exclusively with VersionOne include TeamRoom™ (provides interactive Storyboards and Taskboards for team collaboration), PlanningRoom™ (provides an environment for product managers, owners and agile planners to manage projects), Estimably™, etc.

Pricing starts from $29.00 per month. However, the tool is also available for free for one project and one team.

  1. Pivotal Tracker

Created by Pivotal Labs, Pivotal Tracker was designed to help Web and mobile developers. It is an easy-to-use agile project management tool that focuses on collaboration. This means every team member is able to see the same real-time view of the latest on each project and the next goal to be achieved. It bridges the gap between the developer view and the business people view.
Pivotal Tracker Project Management Screenshot

The major features offered by Pivotal Tracker include real-time collaborations, document sharing, tracking and prioritizing tasks, and it also supports burndown charts, multiple projects, project-based tasks, user stories, etc. It also supports iOS, making it easier for project managers to track their work.

Pivotal Tracker is available for free for up to three users. The paid version scales up from $12.50 per month for five collaborators.


Agile is becoming the preferred approach for most project managers. If you are one of them, these tools will help you manage your team’s communication, assess project performance and report to higher authorities. By leveraging the tools above, you can make a huge difference in performance.

Featured Image Credit: Geralt-9301

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