5 Reasons Your Web Page Needs More Photos

You should always aim for high-quality content and a flourish of text on your website and in your blog posts. But, for viewers and users, reading a lot of text is not always what keeps their attention. In the fast-paced world of technology, people are impatient for their information. By using more visual elements on your website, you may see an increase in user engagement.

Use photos, videos, and graphics to engage your audience and help to get your message across. High quality, relative, and engaging photos can help you to really make a visual impact on your audience. It can also help with the navigation of your website by routing users through your page with the help of visual effects and photos.

Adding more photos to your website can take some time, but it can also help you to reach a broader audience. Companies listed on BestSEOCompanies.com can teach you how to extend your SEO campaign to include tags and keywords in your photo posts. Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons why you should be adding more photos to your webpage content.

Visual Impact

A picture will draw the eye and the attention of a user faster than any kind of text. Photos can convey a variety of information quickly to your audience and should be optimized on your site.

Your photos should always be relevant and of good quality. Users can spot a poorly shot photo in a hurry and could relate that to a lack of professionalism. Make sure that your photos are clear and relative to the subject. You can also add charts, infographics or maps to help your users to navigate your site.

Increase Shares

Expanding your audience should always be on your priority list. The farther your reach, the more potential for success you will have. By making your site content shareable with photos, users are more likely to pass your posts along to their friends and followers.

Social media users are five times more likely to share a post with a photo, so adding more photos to your articles and posts, you are boosting your chances of getting extra shares.

Pad Your Content

If you find that you want to stretch your content a bit further, you can start with photos. Pictures, graphs, maps or infographics are perfect for making your articles seem longer. They are also a great way to display information in a visual way to your users.

When you add photos to your website, you can increase your SEO opportunities. Each of your photos can be tagged with keywords, and your Alt Tags can help you get found through an image search.


Using photos or videos on your webpage is a great way to interact with your users. You can teach a tutorial or make a video answering customer questions that will help you connect one on one with your audience.

Building a brand is all about trust and accountability. By using more photos on your webpage you are giving your audience and customers a new way to connect with you and your message.

The most important aspect of having a website is to give you a place to interact with your audience. You want to create a webpage that invites feedback and communication while educating and entertaining your users. By adding photos and other media to your webpage you can add relevance and interest for your new and existing audience.

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