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Five reasons to outsource UX/UI design

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Whether you have a business mobile application, e-store, or corporate software, you need to make sure that it’s intuitive and easy-to-use. UX/UI designers help to make the user experience as comfortable as possible. However, should you hire an internal team of designers or utilize a professional outsourced UX/UI design agency? Here are five reasons in favor of outsourcing UX design.

Why you should outsource UX/UI design

There are different ways to get the UX/UI design of your digital product done. You can utilize a professional design agency, hire an internal UX team, or work with a freelancer.

While each of these approaches can be satisfactory, utilizing a professional company is the best option. Here is why:

Proven expertise

The employees of any professional firm have already gone through a preliminary selection by HRs. They have presented their education documents, talked about their experience, and showed their portfolio of successful projects. Working with a UX/UI design firm simplifies the process of finding talented specialists for your projects.

Also, UX/UI design firms protect you from the risks of receiving an unqualified solution. The designers work in a team, so even if there are inexperienced people there, they will be under the supervision of more experienced employees.

Another thing to consider is that a team of specialists allows for covering a wider variety of different areas. It’s often that User Experience and User Interface design are covered by different people, for example, especially when we’re talking about more significant projects. Teams also include business analysts, marketers, and other specialists. You can try to hire an internal team, but it will take time for the people to adapt to each other. Also, your HR might not be able to compound a genuinely comprehensive design team if your company specializes in a different area.

Stay relevant to the latest trends

Not to be left on the outskirts of the UX/UI design takes constant monitoring and following the directions. You might have some ideas about how you want your product to look. However, you aren’t developing the product for yourself but others – your potential clients. UX/UI designers know more about the latest trends on the market that will make your app look up-to-date and relevant. For the user to feel comfortable, your digital solution shouldn’t be too far from what they are used to seeing in terms of navigation, screen animation, fonts and color schemes, etc.

Also, the designers have more experience in solving the issues of their clients. So they will probably advise you to do something you’ve never even thought of, but that’s the most effective solution to the problem.

Objective insights about your product

Your in-house team will do what you say and try their best to realize your vision as a business owner. After all, you are their boss. However, as we’ve already said, at times, you need an unbiased opinion of someone outside the industry to have a look at what you offer from a different perspective.

The designer team of an outsourced UX/UI agency will do their best to do a quality job that they would be proud to include in their portfolio. Sometimes their understanding of a well-done job might be different from the one that the business has, and that is normal. They share an unobjective look from the outside and that might expose to you the flaws and perks of your product in a completely new light.

Save time and money

At first, glance, hiring a freelancer who does a full range of services for you looks much more economical. However, one person never has equally profound knowledge in all areas of UX/UI design. Also, this option is quite risky because a freelancer can disappear in the middle of the project with your money and no finished result, and checking their background to protect yourself from this outcome can prove itself difficult.

You will never have such a problem if you are working with an outsourced company. Even if they have some troubles in the team, they have the resources to replace a person with another specialist. After you sign a contract, it’s their responsibility to complete your project, and they will have to do it no matter what. Also, if you will need a consultation or the services of a marketer, business analyst, or QA engineer, you won’t have to look for them yourself and can trust this to your design agency. From this perspective, working with a UX/UI agency is a worthy investment since it simplifies your life and provides you guarantees that an individual professional cannot afford.

Optimized workload

The UX/UI workload is not consistent. Typically, there is a lot of work in the beginning, and you can be sure that your internal UX team has work to do. However, when you finish everything and launch the design, there is only maintenance work left. Can you be sure that you will load your workers with enough to do?

However, if you work with a UX/UI design company, this is not a problem. The goals of your cooperation are long-term, so your team of designers will be ready to finish the main work and be prepared to provide quality control and scalability when necessary.

Summing up

Outsourcing UX/UI design brings you a lot of benefits: it saves you time, money, and nerves while providing the highest quality design services. Working with real professionals, you can be sure that the UX/UI of your digital product is relevant and satisfies your users’ needs.

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