Questions You Need to Ask Before You Launch A Podcast


For the past 20 years, the world has undergone what people identify as the ‘new media revolution’. Instead of waiting for a resource to be available or at least scheduled, information is readily dispersed in various formats like e-books, podcasts, downloadable forms, and paid subscriptions for TV shows. Unlike in the 90s, people would gush in anticipation when a new TV show or a radio drama would come out. Now, media resources are more accessible to everyone.

Considering your options

With today’s media and technology, anyone can create content without many limitations. You can publish an article about anything under the sun, make animations and videos, or create a podcast of your own and let people listen to it. If you’ve been meaning to launch a podcast yourself, here are some questions to answer before putting your content out there.

What’s your inspiration behind the podcast?

Creating a podcast may seem like an easy thing to do, but unless you want your podcast to be a one-hit-wonder, it requires an integrated level of commitment and passion for it. Before brainstorming the equipment specs, the show’s guests, and more, consider the following questions first.

  • Why are you starting a podcast?
  • What topics will you talk about in your podcast? Some of the good formats are:
    • Question and answer sections
    • Interviews or group discussions
    • Repurposed content
    • Educational guides such as programming podcasts, how-tos, and DIYs
    • Fictional and non-fictional storytelling
  • What will you call your podcast?
  • How can you tell if your podcast is successful?

What’s your podcast format?

Every podcast has its varying format, and this will differ based on the creator’s preference. The most crucial aspect you should consider when determining your format is whether it suits your content and whether you’re comfortable with it.

  • Will it focus on conducting interviews?
  • Will you provide commentaries and analysis, or will you tell stories?
  • How long would each episode be?
  • How often would you publish a new podcast?

What’s a budget-wise and high-performing microphone for voice recording?

Creating podcasts are viable options for creators that want to grow their brand with minimal investment. You can record yourself in a closed room with nothing but your handy smartphone and turn into a viral sensation with compelling content. But, know that the audio quality of your podcast shouldn’t suffer because of your lack of investment. To know your options, check out other podcasts and see their choice for a microphone.

Recording your first podcast

Before recording your first piece of content, make it a point that you have listened to thousands of podcasts already. In this manner, you’ll have an idea of where to start or how to make your content relatable, exciting, and full of vigor.

  • Should I write an outline or a full-blown script?
  • Where do I record? As a word of advice, it would help to record your podcast in a room where materials are plenty to diffuse and absorb sound. Avoid a place where echoes can be heard.
  • Do I record my content with minimal errors, or do I allow mistakes and polish it through editing software?

Listen to your podcast and edit as necessary

Some people don’t like hearing their voices after a recorded session. However, you’ll have to face this fear as you evaluate whether it’s good to publish or needs a lot of polishing.

  • What editing software do I use?
  • Do I add an intro and outro for my content? Do I have a theme song for it?
  • Do I tease my listeners to the upcoming release at the end of my content?

Export and upload your podcast

In this step, you identify which readable format you would want your content to be in.

  • Do I export it as an MP3 or WAV file?
  • Is the exported output living up to the standards where you intend for people to hear it?
  • Where do I upload my content? Do I have a podcast platform where people can listen to my content?

Launching your first-ever podcast

Finally, your content is ready for the world to hear!

  • What’s the expected date for my grand release? As a tip, don’t let it be further than two weeks from the day you record your content.
  • Do I collaborate with other creators for a promotion? This can help since you’re just starting.

In a world where everything people hear can be easily forgotten, always make it a point that your podcast talks about something timeless, relevant, piquing the human interest, and compelling. This will encourage your listeners to subscribe and wait for your next release.