Purchase Guard Review: Does it Help Settle Disputes Between Merchants and Shoppers?


For many, online shopping is a convenient experience, letting shoppers purchase products from around the world without ever leaving the house. But unfortunately, many things can go wrong when shopping online. Here are a few examples:

  • Items are delivered in a poor or damaged condition (or not delivered at all).
  • Orders are delayed
  • Merchants willfully commit fraud
  • Refund policies are unclear
  • Products delivered are different than what the consumer expected

What if there was a way to have a safer online shopping experience? Well, perhaps there is. In our Purchase Guard review, we’ll take a look at this impartial and neutral dispute resolution service, that claims to resolve online disputes quickly and fairly. Can Purchase Guard (available at Purchase-guard.com) really settle disputes between merchants and shoppers efficiently? Let’s explore.

What is Purchase Guard?

If any of the above problems happen during the buying process, it’s critical that the shopper will be able to contact the merchant and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. But this isn’t always an easy or straightforward process at all. If the merchant is unscrupulous and possibly commits a fraud (or simply not responsive or not willing to compromise), the outcome can be even worse for the consumer. For these types of online shopping issues, having a mediator on-hand would probably be the best and quickest solution. Purchase Guard’s mission is to help resolve these issues (or disputes, in general) as an impartial mediation layer between merchants and shoppers.

Normally, online shoppers would file a dispute with the merchant, and the shopper would have to do all the negotiating and exhausting back-and-forth discussion. But with Purchase Guard, the shoppers don’t have to deal with the dispute process at all. Instead, Purchase Guard’s representatives will negotiate directly with the merchant until the issue is resolved. Below, we’ll explore how this service works in this Purchase Guard Review.

How does the process work when a new user wants to file a dispute?

  • Register

The first step for new Purchase Guard users is to register with the platform by opening up an account (free). The users have to fill in the account information before filing an official dispute.   

  • Choose

Once the account is registered, the user will have to choose the type of purchase they made that’s in dispute. Next, they will need to provide Purchase Guard with a detailed explanation of the problem. If the shopper has any supporting documentation or other evidence related to the dispute, it’s recommended to submit it to Purchase Guard during this step of the process.

  • Hands-off

This is probably the most convenient part of the entire process. Once the user submits the dispute to Purchase Guard, they can now take a hands-off approach. Purchase Guard will now initiate contact with the merchant and begin the negotiation process.

  • Closure

Purchase Guard’s representatives have one goal in mind – to resolve disputes in a way that with satisfy both parties, shoppers and merchants alike. In other words, if the shopper isn’t satisfied with the outcome, the company will continue negotiating with the merchant until a satisfactory resolution is reached and agreed by both parties.

What are the benefits of using third-party service like Purchase Guard to handle disputes?

Dealing directly with a bank or credit card issuer when it comes to online shopping issues can be a significant hassle for consumers. Banks and card issuers may not always be the most dispassionate or impartial negotiators (in fact, in most cases, they aren’t). Purchase Guard, however, is an unbiased and neutral dispute resolution service.

Shoppers who feel they’ve been cheated in an online exchange might be stressed and frustrated, which can make the dispute resolution process much harder on everyone. It can take longer for shoppers to resolve issues on their own, and the outcome might be even worst (for example, the shopper’s credit score might be damaged). But Purchase Guard can prevent these outcomes.

For merchants, dealing with an impartial mediation platform like Purchase Guard allows them to reduce their number of service disputes. Another benefit for merchants is that Purchase Guard attempts to resolve the issue in a way that is also fair to the merchant, not just the shopper. In that way, both sides can significantly benefit from Purchase Guard’s services.