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4 Proven Strategies to Market Your SaaS Brand

free content ideas

Building a brand in the SaaS marketplace can be challenging, especially if you are using tactics that do not take full advantage of the resources at your disposal today.

To combat sluggish growth, here are some solutions to consider adopting that will turbo-charge your SaaS marketing efforts.

1. Overhaul Your SEO

Building an SEO strategy for a SaaS company can be tricky if you are not familiar with the arcane arts at the heart of search engine optimisation. However, once you clear away the confusing acronyms and complex terminology, the main steps you need to take to improve the traction of your site are pretty straightforward and universal.

Firstly you need to make sure your site performs well, as slow page load speeds can be the bane of anyone hoping to improve their search rank.

Secondly you need to ensure that all of the content on your site is well written, relevant to your target audience and entirely unique to ensure that it caters to the people who click through from Google.

Finally you need to try to boost the authority of your site by earning inbound links from other established sites which will signal to search algorithms that it has the approval of third parties. Old school link building strategies may have fallen by the wayside, but it remains relevant so long as it is handled appropriately.

2. Offer Trial Access

Turning prospective users into loyal customers is much easier if you can let the product speak for itself, rather than relying on marketing copy or sales pitches alone. This is why many firms in the SaaS arena have embraced the opportunity to provide trial access to their platforms so that anyone can take it for a spin before they commit.

Of course it is not enough to simply let people log in and leave them to it; you should still see this as a lead generation and sales opportunity. To that end, be prepared to support trial users and give them a helping hand where necessary, whether you automate this through emails or take a more hands-on approach with personal calls or even webinars.

3. Leverage Referrals

Getting existing users to refer others to your SaaS platform to help spread the word can happen naturally, although incentivising this process in some way is also an option.

The incentive you offer can vary and it makes sense to avoid going overboard with what is on offer, because this might lead to a lesser quality of referee being attracted.

It may even make sense to have a referral policy which is not publicised, but is instead available as a tool for the sales team to use at their discretion.

4. Harness Remarketing

Getting people to visit your site or experience your product is half the battle; you need to make sure they come back for more after their first taste.

Remarketing lets you touch base with one-time visitors and customers, reminding them of what your products have to offer and encouraging a reconnection based on an appealing offer or piece of information.

There are plenty more marketing strategies that SaaS brands can deploy, but these should get you started.

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